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The main role of Statistical Consultation Services (STATKON) is to provide research design and analysis support to UJ’s academics and postgraduate students. Support for research design includes (depending on the project and experience of the researcher) advice on:

  • conceptualisation of the topic;
  • operationalisation of measures;
  • definition of the study population and sampling method;
  • quality of the questionnaire/data collection instrument;
  • appropriate statistical procedures; and
  • ethics requirements.

Statistical analysis support includes a wide range of descriptive and inferential statistics, with both parametric and non-parametric procedures being employed depending on the needs of the project.

To contact statkon to find out more about the service you can either email or call 011 559 2851. It is recommended that you use the email address to make contact because we do not always have an administrator answering the telephone due to lockdown health protocols. Please note our service is provided by appointment only; ‘walk-in’ requests are not supported.

If you are already working with a specific consultant you can contact the consultant directly.

The statistical consultations service operates from a house next to the APK campus