About Postdoctoral Research Fellow Programme

The Postdoctoral Research Programme at the UJ was established as part of the University’s broader strategy to bolster its research capacity for enhanced research excellence. The standard period for a Postdoctoral Fellow (PDRF) at UJ is two years although some leave earlier when they get better opportunities or permanent employment and some extend the period through formal motivation and renewal. Through the programme, the University has attracted a number of candidates from diverse backgrounds nationally and abroad. Thus advancing internationalisation of the University, while at the same time presenting an opportunity to expand global networks and collaborations.

​​A postdoctoral fellowship is a transitionary phase, intended to bridge the gap from doctoral graduation to employment. As such the main aim of the fellowship is to fast track further development and honing of PDRFs’ research and professional skills in preparation for future academic or another professional career. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships are awarded to individuals within five years of receiving a doctoral degree for the purpose of engaging in a period of dedicated research

The relationship between the University and the PDRF is symbiotic and both entities can benefit. For the institution that benefit includes:
  • An increase in research output,
  • Access to new research ideas an stimulus of current research programs,
  • Support and strengthening in existing research programmes through research and publications,
  • A strengthening of the internationalisation agenda,
  • The building and strengthening of networks with institutions from which the PDRFs come and those to which they will go,
  • Support in academic tasks that align with the PDRFs development, and
  • A potential resource to support and co-supervise or supervise research students.
The benefits to the PDRFs include:
  • An opportunity to expand their research skills from those acquired during their doctoral studies,
  • An opportunity to expand and strengthen their professional competencies and skills in preparation for academic or research careers,
  • An opportunity for UJ doctoral candidates to publish their doctoral research, and
  • An opportunity to build professional networks.​


PDRF Coordinator

Ms Dudu Mbatha (Coordinator)
Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Postgraduate School
Tel: (+27)011 559 4016