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PDRF Excellence Awards 2023

In recognition of the research publications produced by our Postdoctoral Research Fellows (PDRFs) during the first or second year of fellowship, we hosted an event that was attended by one hundred and seventeen (117) delegates, including PDRFs, their hosts, and vice deans, as well as UJ stakeholders.

We are grateful to our presenters:

Ms. Dudu Mbatha: PDRF Coordinator

Prof Victoria Graham: Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives and Administrative

Prof Penny Govender: Acting Senior Director 

Ms Reetha Nundulall: Director, Research and Innovation

Prof Sarah Gravett: Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Internationalisation

Dr. Vanishree Pillay: PBMR Specialist 

PDRFs’ excellent contributions to research publications have significantly driven the number of research outputs, making UJ a leading university in the number of research units produced.
Our PDRFs have contributed significantly to 4IR, or Industry 4.0. As we are driven to change, it is important that they position themselves to change the social, political, and economic fortunes of Africa. PDRFs have taken cognizance of our new developments and technologies.

We wish to congratulate our Awardees for 2023

Dr. K.J Ani (CBE)_ Presented by Host

Dr. A.L Rominiyi (FEBE)

Dr. R van der Merwe (FH)

Dr. C. Chikwira (CBE)

Dr. O. Aladesuyi (FS)

Dr. M.A Ayanwale (FE)

Dr. M Diepenbroek (FH)

Dr. G.M Adeyeye (FE)

Dr. A Ebekozien (FEBE)

Dr. A Segun (JBS)

Dr. O.J Adeyemi (FS)_Presented by Colleague

Dr. E.P Chizenga (FHS)

We appreciate the continuous research work conducted by PDRFs together with their delegated hosts, who strive to see excellence in their PDRFs.  We thank you for your hard work, which will inspire the current PDRFs and those still to join to stay committed to their research work.

We thank everyone who attended the Postdoctoral Research  Fellow Excellence Awards


The Postgraduate School held its Postdoctoral Research Fellow Excellence Awards on 26 October 2022.

We wish to congratulate our Awardees for 2022

Dr D.R. Tomaselli (FADA), Dr T.E. Coleman (FL), Dr F.P. Adekanmbi (CBE), Dr C. Eseadi (FE), Dr E. Shava (CBE), Dr A. Mpupa (FS), Dr A. Hassan (CBE), Dr P. Masamba (FS), Dr T. A. Ojo (FH), Dr B.F. Ogunbayo (FEBE), Dr A. Munoriyarwa (FH), Dr J. Nyika (FEBE)- (not pictured), Dr B.Uprety (FHS)- (not pictured), Dr. O. Ossai (FE)-(not pictured), Dr P. Sarbadhikary (FHS)- (not pictured)

Prof Annah Moteetee
Senior Director: Postgraduate School

Prof Maria Frahm- Arp
Acting: Deputy Vice-Chancellor:
Research and Internationalisation

Prof Bettine van Vuuren
Senior Director: Strategic Initiatives

We thank everyone who attended the Postdoctoral Research Fellow Excellence Awards


The Postdoctoral Excellence Awards recognises Postdoctoral Research Fellows’ who have distinguished themselves by their research outputs and academic citizenship at the University of Johannesburg.

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College of Business and Economics

  • Dr Olefhile Mosweu
  • Dr Oluseye Jegede

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

  • Dr Philippa Hobbs

Faculty of Education

  • Dr Charity Onyishi
  • Dr Vera Victor-Aigbodion

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

  • Dr Anthony Matheri
  • Dr Patrick Ehi Imoisili

Facu lty of Humanities

  • Dr Amanuel Tewolde

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Dr Anine Crous
  • Dr Hanieh Montaseri

Faculty of Law

  • Dr Linda Mushoriwa
  • Dr Yolandi Meyer

Faculty of Science

  • Dr Beric Gilbert
  • Dr Rahul Shukla