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Vulnerable tree species yields potential diabetes treatment

A chemical compound from a tree poached for traditional medicine is being developed into a complimentary treatment for diabetes.

How allopathic and traditional medicines collide

Building a bridge over the silence about traditional medicines at hospitals.

January 2024 Research & Innovation @UJ Magazine

See how researchers at the University of Johannesburg explore solutions to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Photocatalyst for drug-free fresh water

A new type of photocatalyst shows significant potential for improving fresh water quality in rivers and dams which receive waste water, using the energy of the sun.

Sorghum bran packs a bigger punch than the whole grain

Sorghum bran has much higher levels of some essential amino acids and minerals needed for human health than a whole grain or dehulled sorghum flour.

Safer evacuation with one device

A new type of collapsible lightweight stairchair / wheelchair / stretcher aims to protect patients and EMS paramedics from injury and equip more ambulances.

Deciphering outlier success

Investigating how the South African citrus export industry emerged as the second biggest in the world after Spain.

Transnational cooperation for endangered wildlife

Profits from illegal wildlife trafficking continue to enter the global financial system. New AML measures are needed.