Mr Louis Fourie

Mr Louis Fourie
Central Academic Administration


Mr Fourie serves as the Logistics Coordinator responsible for planning and coordinating support systems and implementing new and innovative systems to support academic administration. Mr Fourie has been responsible for mitigating registration-related risks. He contributed actively to positioning UJ as the leading university during turbulent times (including COVID-19, #FeesMustFall) by developing and implementing innovative and cutting-edge academic online administration systems.

In a demanding and continuously evolving environment, Mr Fourie often serves as a system specialist for support divisions and faculties when they need a process or system optimised or developed. For example, the development of our Digital Certificate Portal, virtual graduation ceremonies with a personal photo slide feature, and the “catch-up” ceremonies where all the graduates for 2020 and 2021 had the opportunity to attend a stage crossing ceremony.

Mr Fourie has a “never say no” attitude and always emerges as an innovator and team player who does not seek the limelight or sole recognition for project successes. He is constantly on the lookout for where he can contribute his skills, without wanting recognition, rather gaining satisfaction from participating in projects.