UJ Prescribed Booklists
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Procedure for Purchasing Books, Periodicals and E-resources to be placed in the Library 
Procedure for Submitting a list of Prescribed books   
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Practice note: Prescribed and recommended textbooks

It is the responsibility of teaching staff to prescribe textbooks in terms of the following guidelines:
1. A book should only be listed as prescribed if the student will be required to utilise at least 80% of it.
2. Other books, where a smaller proportion of the book will be required reading, should be placed on the recommended list.
3. Departments should ensure that prescribed textbooks (in the same edition) will be utilized for at least three years.
4. When recommending books, staff should check whether these books are available in the Library, and if not, ensure that they are included in the books ordered by the Department from their funding allocation. Books should not be recommended unless students have access to them. The Library can assist through the electronic ‘course reserves system.
5. When deciding which books to prescribe, staff should ascertain the cost of possible choices, as one factor bearing on the final decision.

Approved by Senate Teaching and Learning Committee
11 October 2010