Doctorate Energy Studies

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Purpose and characteristics of the programme

The purpose of the doctoral programme is to provide qualifying students with an in-depth understanding and integrated knowledge of advanced applicable theory in the field of specialisation. A doctoral degree in science is a pure science based research study that requires candidates to demonstrate high-level research capability and make a significant and original academic contribution at the frontiers of the discipline of specialisation. The degree demands a very high level of intellectual, theoretical and practical specialized science knowledge and insight into problems related to the field of study and of the application of advanced experimental methods and techniques of the modern research, as well as of fundamental scientific and academic values in generating, processing, interpreting and presenting research data orally and in written form.


Admission to the Doctorate in Energy Studies requires achieving at least 65% for a Master’s degree in Energy Studies or related subject.

A thesis on a suitable subject, conducted under the supervision of the a member of the Department, is required for the Doctor’s Degree.  The Degree conferred will be the PhD (Energy Studies).