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UJ Rated Researchers 11 December 2013

Please note this list could have been updated on the NRF website and maybe outdated on this page.

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A - Leading international researcher 
Researchers who are unequivocally recognised by their peers as leading international scholars in their field for the high quality and impact of their recent research outputs.

B - Internationally acclaimed researcher 
Researchers who enjoy considerable international recognition by their peers for the high quality of their recent research outputs.

C - Established researcher 
Established researchers with a sustained recent record of productivity in the field who are recognised by their peers as having produced a body of quality work, the core of which has coherence and attests to ongoing engagement with the field as having demonstrated the ability to conceptualise problems and apply research methods to investigating them.

P - NRF Prestigious Awardee

Young researchers (younger than 35years of age), who have held the doctorate or equivalent qualification for less than five years at the time of application and who, on the basis of exceptional potential demonstrated in their published doctoral work and/or their research outputs in their early post-doctoral careers are considered likely to become future international leaders in their field.

Y - Promising young researcher

Young researchers (below 40 years of age), who have held the doctorate or equivalent qualification for less than five years at the time of application, and who are recognised as having the potential to establish themselves as researchers within a five-year period after evaluation, based on their performance and productivity as researchers during their doctoral studies and/or early post-doctoral careers.

L - Late entrant into research (category terminated at the end of 2009)
Persons (normally younger than 55 years) who were previously established as researchers or who previously demonstrated potential through their own research products, and who are considered capable of fully establishing or re-establishing themselves as researchers within a five-year period after evaluation.​


Surname Initials Title Rating category Institution Research Specialisations
AhmedFEProfEstablished ​​researcherUniversity of JohannesburgLand use,  Precision forestry, Vegetation mapping,  Applied environmental science,  Remote sensing,  Forests and forestry, GIS,  Geoinformatics,  Spatial statistics
AnnegarnHJProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgAtmospheric environment, Renewable energy, Environmental management
ArotibaOADrPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgElectrochemistry,  Physical Chemistry
Avenant-OldewageAProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgFish Parasitology,  Water Quality,  Fish parasitic monogenea,  Water metal pollution,  Crustacean ecology, Crustacean morphology
BeukesNJProfLeading international researcherUniversity of JohannesburgEconomic geology, Sedimentology,  Sedimentary geochemistry,  Sequence stratigraphy
CairncrossBProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgCoal sedimentology, Sedimentology,  Mineralogy, Science education
CoetzeeMProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgWireless communication,  World-Wide Web services,  Information security,  Network security
ConnellSHProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgSolid state physics,  Nuclear physics,  Applied physics, Accelerator physics,  High energy physics,  Advanced materials
ConradieWEDrPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgLogic and Computation,  Logic, Symbolic and mathematical, Modal logic
DankelmannPAProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgGraph theory,  Combinatorics
DarkwaJProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgOrganometallic Chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Homogeneous catalysis, Polymers,  Coordination chemistry
DoyleBPDrEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgSurface physics,  Electron spectroscopy,  Synchrotron X-rays,  Electronic structure
DuberyIAProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgPlant biochemistry and molecular biology

2. Analytical biochemistry/ phytochemical analysis
DuttonMFProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgMycotoxins,  Mycology, Environmental health,  Food technology
EhlersEMProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgSoftware engineering,  Artificial intelligence,  Intelligent systems, Automata, Formal languages, Image processing
HearneGRProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgHigh pressure research, Experimental condensed matter physics,  Materials science
HenningMAProfLeading international researcherUniversity of Johannesburgcombinatorics,  Graph theory
HofmannAProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgArchaean studies (Geology)
Janse van VurenJHProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgFish haematology, Ecophysiology,  Ecotoxicology, Biomarkers,  Ecophysiology, Ecotoxicology
JonckEProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgGraph theory
KarataglidisSProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgNuclear structure,  Nuclear reactions,  Nuclear astrophysics,  Theoretical physics
KotzeNJProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgUrban Geography
KramersJDProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgIsotope geochemistry
MainaJNProfLeading international researcherUniversity of JohannesburgRespiration
MambaBBProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgNanomaterials,  Science and technology,  Water pollution, Organometallic synthesis, Engineering
MeijboomRProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgCoordination chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Crystallography (X-ray), Homogeneous catalysis, Heterogeneous catalysis, Operando spectroscopy
MishraAKProfPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgNanomaterials,  Conductive polymer nanocomposites, Polymer nanocomposites, Water pollution,  Composite materials,  Carbon nanomaterials,  Coordination chemistry,  Bioinorganic chemistry
MishraSDrEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgNanotechnology
MsagatiTAMDrEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgChromatographic analysis, Environmental analysis, Separations/mass spectrometry,  Mass spectrometry
Mulaba-BafubiandiAFProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgMaterials science,  Energy, Material science and technology,  Physics,  Minerals processing,  Microwave energy, Minerals,  Minerals beneficiation
MullerAJDrPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgKinetics/reaction mechanisms, Computational chemistry, Crystallography (X-ray)
NelwamondoFVProfPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgWater demand - Modelling, Regression analysis,  Nonlinear time series analysis,  Statistical pattern recognition, Computational modelling, Numerical modelling,  Image processing,  Classification
NgilaJCProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgEnvironmental/analytical chemist,  Electroanalytical chemistry,  Analytical polymer science,  Environmental analysis,  Electroanalytical, Analytical chemistry, Environmental analysis, Adsorption Chemistry,  Wood science,  Soil and water sciences
PrinslooAREProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgMagnetism,  Solid state physics, Thin films
RaubenheimerHProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgFunctional analysis,  Spectral theory of Banach algebras, Banach algebras
RogersonCMProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgUrban tourism development, Local economic development, Small business development, Tourism - Development, Tourism - Impact,  Tourism, Urbanisation and tourism
SithaSDrPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgComputational chemistry, Computational biology, Computational modelling, Quantum chemistry,  Quantum electronics,  Theoretical chemistry,  Theoretical biochemistry,  Physical organic chemistry,  Physical chemistry
SmitCAProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgTectonics
SteebWHProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgMathematical Tools in Computer Graphics,  Mathematical Tools in Signal Processing,  Lie Groups Lie Algebras and Computer Algebra,  Mathematical physics
StrydomAMProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgStrongly correlated electron systems, Magnetism, Electrical/magnetic measurements, Magnetic properties of matter, Electronic properties/solids, Low temperature physics
TilneyPMProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgPlant anatomy
Van der BankFHProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgPopulation genetics
Van der BankMProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgMolecular systematics, Population genetics,  .
Van DykJCDrPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgAquatic health,  Fish histology
Van ReenenDDProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgStructural geology, Metamorphic petrology, Tectonics
van VuurenBProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgPhylogeography,  Spatial and temporal patterns and processes of biotic diversity across different hierarchical levels from the gene to the ecosystem,  Biological invasions, Molecular ecology
Van WykB-EProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of Johannesburgethnobotany,  Medicinal plant chemistry,,  Taxonomy, Biodiversity,  Medicinal plants, Ethnobotany,  Biosystematics
VenterEDrPromising young researcherUniversity of JohannesburgMolecular plant pathology,  Plant molecular biology,  Plant-insect interactions,  Host-plant resistance
ViljoenKSProfEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgEconomic geology
Von SolmsSHProfInternationally acclaimed researcherUniversity of JohannesburgInformation security
Wagenaar (Pieterse)GMDrEstablished researcherUniversity of JohannesburgFish histology,  Ecotoxicology, Physiology,  Spermatology, Aquatic health