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The Department of Private Law is responsible for teaching several undergraduate modules in the LLB, BCom (Law) and BA (Law) curriculum.  These modules include the Law of Persons and Family in the first year, Indigenous Law, Law of Delict and Law of Succession in the second year, Law of Contract (including specific contracts) and Law of Property in the third year and Capita Selecta Private Law as well as Private International Law in the fourth year of study. The Department also responsible for the fourth-year undergraduate elective of Cyber Law and the LLM in the Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts at a postgraduate level.


  • Law of Persons & Family
  • Indigenous Law
  • Law of Succession
  • Law of Delict
  • Law of Property
  • Law of Contract
  • Private International Law
  • Private Law (Capita Selecta)
  • Cyberlaw