Short Learning Programme: Practices of Evidence-Informed Decision-Making

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Practices of Evidence-Informed Decision-Making

Purpose of Programme

Africa has much to gain from using high quality evidence to inform decisions made regarding development. The use of evidence increases the effectiveness of policies, plans, strategies, interventions and their implementation. This SLP equips researchers, policymakers and practitioners with the skills needed to interpret, synthesise and use evidence in planning.

The purpose of this Practices of Evidence-Informed Decision-Making Short Learning Programme (SLP) is to prepare mid-level and higher government officials, practitioners, and researchers across sectors to apply evidence-informed decision-making to the real-world, everyday challenges faced by those working in South Africa and beyond.

Programme Overview

This SLP will be offered using a blended mode of delivery, allowing for online and face-to-face interactions with content, facilitators and fellow students. The SLP is Africa-relevant, focused on Africa-centred processes, actors and activities. It unpacks the principles, processes and practices of interpreting and using evidence effectively, and requires students to apply this learning to real-world situations that have relevance for the country and region.

The SLP foregrounds the crucial role of collaboration and co-production. It brings together peers from a diverse range of sectors and disciplines and fosters a network of learning that will last beyond the course duration.

Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for the programme, you should:

  1. Have a Bachelor’s Honours degree or equivalent four-year degree and
  2. Have had prior appropriate exposure to practices in /of the evidence-informed decision-making ((EIDM) field, at the discretion of the course convener)


Assessment in this programme comprises integrated project-based assessment that combines a variety of formative and summative assessment, and individual and group assessment will be used.


The course is suitable for working professionals. It is run over 14 weeks and requires approximately 10 hours of study time per week. It includes a few contact sessions, with most of the course being facilitated online.

What will it cost me?



Applicants that wish to apply for the Shot Learning Programme: Evidence-Informed Decision-Making must please use the Qualification token code – HUMSLP and it will appear where you can proceed to apply.

For more information regarding the application process, please contact

For more information regarding the programme, please contact Khuliso Matidza on