Celebrating Youth at the Atlantis Basic Package of Support Film Screening

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12 August was International Youth Day, an important opportunity to reflect on the needs of young people and the programmes that aim to support young people.

In South Africa, young people face multiple barriers that prevent them from taking up work or education opportunities. To meaningfully assist young people, we need an intervention that addresses multiple deprivations simultaneously.

The Basic Package of Support aims to do just this, taking a different approach to youth unemployment by providing a package of support to young people that aims to help them solve the many deprivations they face. The BPS focuses on the key prerequisites for achieving economic productivity: a sense of possibility, improved wellbeing and improved navigational capacity in order to improve employability.

This year the BPS team in Atlantis partnered with BPS funder, UNICEF to produce a series of documentaries capturing the stories and experiences of young people who are participating in our Atlantis pilot. Three of these films were screened in the local community during the  International Youth Day celebrations.

“To capture what is unique and innovative about the BPS is extremely challenging and sometimes showing is better than telling! That’s why we are so excited to share these films with our stakeholders, young people and the wider Atlantis community,” explains Prof Lauren Graham, CSDA Director.

The event was a huge success with over 60 people attending the film screening. In particular, it was a lovely opportunity for young people in the programme to reflect on their journey and how it has been made possible.

If you missed the screening, you can watch and learn more about the BPS here. Plus, you can Meet Shastri Goliath, Megan Naidoo and Tyrece Lutz three BPS participants at the Atlantis pilot site.