Published Book Chapters 

  1. Hill, N., Hochfeld, T. & Patel, L. (2021). ‘Cash transfers and caregivers: Working together to reduce vulnerability and HIV risk among adolescent girls in Johannesburg, South Africa’. Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk, 57(1): 101-117.
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  5. Patel, L. & Ross, E. (2020/forthcoming 2021). ‘Connecting Cash Transfers with Care for Better Child and Family Well-being’. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

Book Chapters Published 2021

  1. Patel, L. (Accepted).  ‘Social Security and Social Development’. In  A. Oqubay, F. Tregenna and I. Valodia (eds).  The South African Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

        Reports Published 2021

  1. Van der Berg, S., Patel, L. & Bridgman, G. (2021). Hunger in South Africa during 2020: Results from Wave 3 of NIDS-CRAM. Wave 3 – National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS) – Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey (CRAM). Stellenbosch University. (Working Paper).
  2. Patel, L., Hochfeld, T. & Chiba, J. (Forthcoming 2021). Sihleng’imizi Family Strengthening Programme: Facilitator Manual, Childcare Worker Manual and Family Workbook. Johannesburg: Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA), University of Johannesburg.