1. Shaping M&E for a Sustainable FutureEngagement: 7th Biennial 2019 SAMEA conference held at Emperor’s Palace
    Date: Forthcoming lecture 23 October 2019

    • Plenary Panel: Better evidence for public policy and implementation.
    • Paper presented: Taking prevention seriously: lessons for rolling out complementary family support services in local government.
  2. Reflecting on the issues of young people in South Africa 25 years into democracyEngagement: Youth Colloquium
    Institution: Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA)
    Date: 12-13 June 2019
    Role: Closing address
  3. Tackling youth unemployment – the effects of skills training and financial capabilitiesEngagement: Siyakha Youth Assets Research Report Launch
    Institution: Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA)
    Date: 12 June 2019
    Role: Opening and closing thematic panel discussions.
  4. Bridging the Disciplinary Divide to Step-up Child Well-being Outcomes in South AfricaEngagement: Department of Nursing Annual Research Forum
    Institution: University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Health Sciences
    Date: 16 May 2019
    Role: Keynote address: Bridging the disciplinary divide to step-up child well-being outcomes in South Africa
  5. Youth Development in Africa. Challenges, Solutions and the Way ForwardEngagement: 2019 African Young Graduates and Scholars (AYGS) Conference
    Date: 18-20 March 2019
    Role: presented the opening round table conversation on youth and development titled: Tackling Youth Unemployment, Educating for Productivity and the Changing Nature of Work.
  6. Connecting Cash with Care. An evaluation of a Family and Community Strengthening Programme for beneficiaries of the Child Support Grant.Engagement: Sihleng’imizi Q1 Seminar
    Institution: Centre for Social Development in Africa
    Date: 5 March 2019
    Role: Presented findings of the report with Prof Tessa Hochfeld.