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Welcome to the Department of Religion Studies!

Religion plays a major role in society, for better and worse, and in both beautiful and challenging ways. Thus, understanding religions in the lives of individuals, communities and society matters. It has the potential to shape a more just and diverse future.

As a small but vibrant department, our vision is to be a diverse academic community that focuses on researching and teaching living religions in Africa centring engaged knowledge and social justice. The importance of understanding the social world through the eyes of people of faith informs much of the work done in the department. The empirical and textual research conducted by staff and postgraduate students alike explores living faiths in their societal context, focusing on Christianity and Islam in (South) Africa.

The Department of Religion Studies offers degrees from Honours level to PhD level, with a strong focus on the study of Islam and Christianity, two of the major religions impacting Africa today. Additionally, we offer Short Learning Programmes that allow those members of the public who are not prepared to enrol for a degree to study with us for a limited time.

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