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Upcoming Events

08 Oct 2021: Wits/UJ Honours Presentations Day – (online)
14-15 Oct 2021: Epistemic Injustice, Reasons and Agency workshop (online)
03-05 Nov 2021: Epistemology of the Internet Workshop (online)
19-20 Nov 2021: Philosophy and Eschatology Conference (online)
29-30 Mar 2022: Epistemic Injustice – Keynote Prof José Medina (hybrid Uni Johannesburg)

UJ Philosophy Colloquium Talks

10 Mar 2021: Prof Peter Boghossian (Portland State) American education’s censorship and illiberalism: coming to a South African campus near you
24 Mar 2021: Prof David Spurrett (UKZN) the evolution of preferences
21 Apr 2021: Prof Dylan Futter (Wits) Socrates on learning to be good
05 May 2021: Prof Itay Shani (Sun Yat-Sen) Cosmopsychism, combination, and coherence
19 May 2021: Dr Anna Pakes (Roehampton) Knowing the dance from the dancer: performability and dancer identity
21 Jul 2021: Prof Johann Rossouw (UFS)* The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’: a case of South African techno-messianism?
18 Aug 2021: Prof Uchenna Okeja (Rhodes) Global Injustice, Agency and Responsibility
22 Sep 2021: Prof C. Thi Nguyen (Utah) Transparency is Surveillance @17:00 SAST online
13 Oct 2021: Prof Smita Sirker (Jawaharlal Nerhu) The Function of Hetu (Probans) and Udāharaṇa (Example) in the Inferential Structure of Indian Logic @11:20-12:50 SAST online

* To be included in the UJ’s Humanities Distinguished 4IR Webinar Series