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Language options

For Honours: All official African languages of South Africa

For Master’s and Doctoral degrees: Any African language


Programme code:


SAQA ID: 73716 NQF level: 8 Credits: 120

Students who have obtained an undergraduate qualification with an African Language as a major and who meet the general University entrance requirements for the honours programme may be considered for the programme.

Students who do not meet the requirement of a major in an African language may in meritorious cases apply to the RPL committee to be admitted.

The honours programme consists of five modules of which module 1 is compulsory. The remaining four modules are electives selected in consultation with the chairperson of the department.

Compulsory module

Semester 1 Semester 2
Module 1: Research essay: African Languages (AFT8X13) ​

Elective modules

Module 2: Grammar: African Languages (AFT8X02) Module 8: Phonology and Morphology: African Languages (AFT8X06)
Module 3: Literature: African Languages (AFT8X04) Module 9: Syntax and Semantics: African Languages (AFT8X10)
Module 4: Sociolinguistics: African Languages (AFT8X09) Module 10: Translation Studies: African Languages (AFT8X11)
Module 5: Poetry: African Languages (AFT8X07) Module 11: Drama: African Languages (AFT8X03)
Module 6: Prose: African Languages (AFT8X08) Module 12: Oral Art: African Languages (AFT8X05)
Module 7: Comparative African Linguistics: African Languages (AFT8X12)


Programme code: M7074Q SAQA ID: 73940 NQF level: 9 Credits:180

A student writes a dissertation on a topic in linguistics or literature giving evidence of the ability to conduct research.

Module Semester 1 Semester 2
Dissertation: African Languages AFL9X12 AFL9X13

COURSEWORK MASTER’S (not offered in 2021)

Programme code: M7073Q SAQA ID: 73940 NQF level: 9 Credits: 180

The MA Coursework programme consists of two coursework modules (one offered in the first semester and one in the second semester), and a minor dissertation. The coursework modules have a weighting of 45 credits each. The minor dissertation has a weighting of 90 credits. The minor dissertation represents 50% of the final mark and must be passed independently. Module 1 is compulsory. Students specialise in either linguistics or literature and select a module from the electives in consultation with the head of the department.

Compulsory modules

Semester 1 Semester 2
Module 1: African Languages: Research Methodology (AFL9X01)

Module Semester 1 Semester 2
Minor dissertation: African Languages AFL9X02 AFL9X03

Elective modules

Module 2: Advanced study on verbal categories (AFL9X09)
Module 3: Advanced study on semantics (AFL9X07)
Module 4: Advanced study on sociolinguistics (AFL9X08)

Module 5: Advanced study on literary theory and narratology


Module 6: Advanced study on oral art and drama (AFL9X06)
Module 7: Advanced study on modern and traditional poetry (AFL9X04)


Programme code: P7034Q SAQA ID: 73864 NQF level: 10 Credits: 360

A doctoral examination on one of the two fields of study.

A thesis on a topic in linguistics or in literature as proof of the ability to conduct research and as proof of a unique contribution to science.

An article ready for publication submitted with the thesis.

Module Semester 1 Semester 2
Thesis: African Language AFT10X1 AFT10X2