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04/02/2019. Advertisment. MA bursaries "Decent work for all and the future of labour in South Africa".

04/02/2019. Advertisment. Honours Bursaries.

04/02/2019. Advertisment. Post-doctoral Research Fellow

29/01/2019. Advertisment. Research Assistant.

29/01/2019. Advertisment. PhD scholarship.

21/08/2018. Advertisment. Post-doctoral Research Fellows, Doctoral Bursars and Masters Bursars.

30/05/2018. Video. Dr. Carin Runciman on eNCA discussing "Analysis on national  minimum wage."

25/05/2018. Radio interview. Prof. Mary Galvin on The Wilson Center "Ground truth briefing: Avoiding a water crisis: What's next for Cape Town - and beyond?"

14/03/2018. Radio interview. Dr. Carin Runciman on SAfm "We continue to put the spotlight on the burning labour issues in South Africa."

08/03/2018. Radio interview. Dr. Carin Runciman on SAfm "Discussing the burning labour issues in South Africa".

16/02/2018. Article. Prof. Mary Glavin with Rosa Luxemburg on "Shifting the hegemonic approach to water".

08/02/2018. Article. Dr. Carin Runciman in  the Business Day on 'New amendments to labour legislation are likely to increase unprotected strikes'.

20/11/2017. Video. SABC footage of the 2017 Centenary Festival, with Trevor Ngwane and others.

20/11/2017. Photographs. Writing workshop in Abidjan (9-13/10/17) attended by Cindy Morillas.

14/11/2017. Conference. Dr. Nontsasa Nako. Global Prison Conference programme.

19/10/2017. Radio interview. Prof. Peter Alexander talks to SAfm on 'The Russian Revolution - any relevance for workers today?

17/10/2017. Chapter. Prof. Peter Alexander's 'On the road to global history - via Comparison' in a Festschrift for Marcel van der Linden.

18/09/2017. Profile. Dr. Cindy Morillas joins the Centre for Social Change as a Post Doctoral Fellow.

15/09/2017. Profile. Dr. Grace Idahosa joins the Centre for Social Change as a Post Doctoral Fellow.

28/08/2017. Video. Prof. Peter Alexander interviewed by Tariq Ali on 'Farewell to the ANC? for TeleSur's The World Today.
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​ ​The Centre for Social Change conducts interdisciplinary research on social change, and has built a reputation for studying social movements, strikes and protests.

It produces high quality, rigorous scholarship for academic and other publications, and actively engages civil society, academics and the wider public in thinking about alternative futures, including possibilities for decolonisation. 

We have a core team, comprising students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers based on the University of Johannesburg's Bunting Road Campus, and a network of research associates, collaborators and associates located elsewhere in South Africa and around the world. The Centre's director is also the South African Research Chair in Social Change. 
22/08/2017. Video. Prof. Peter Alexander debates Thandeka Ncube (Lonmin), Jeff Mphahlele (AMCU and Rehad Desai (MSC) on SABC's Rights & Recourse.
16/08/2017. Video. Prof. Peter Alexander interviewed about the Marikana Massacre on SABC News.
​​16/08/2017. Video. Dr. Trevor Ngwane at Unemployed Peoples Assembly.
14/07/2017. Book. Lauren Basson - South African Filmmakers' Identities and Social Change: Making Films and Making Change.

18/05/2017. Article. Dr Carin Runciman in The Conversation 'South African protesters echo a global cry: democracy isn't making people's lives better'.
18/05/2017. Video. Prof. Marcel Paret, Dr. Carin Runciman, Dr. Trevor Ngwane and Dr. Luke Sinwell launch Southern Resistance in Critical Perspectiveand Urban Revolt.
​​11/05/2017. Article. Prof. Peter Alexander in The Conversation on 'Cyril Ramaphosa's Marikana Massacre apology is disingenuous and dishonest'.
10/05/2017. Article. ​Prof. Peter Alexander in Mail & Guardian on 'Liberate Palestine, bring down the wall of Israel'.
22/04/2017. ​Article. Dr Carin Runciman, Prof. Pier Paulo Frassenli and Linah Nkuna in The Conversation on 'Survey sheds light on who marched against President Zuma and why'.
​09/03/2017. Discussion. Dr. Trevor Ngwane and Dr. Luke Sinwell speaking about their latest book, Urban Revolt: State Power and the Rise of People's Movements in the Global South
22/02/2017. Article. ​Prof. Peter Alexander in Business Day on 'Zuma's failure to fire Phiyega beggars belief'. 
​​​​16/12/2016. Journal article. Prof. Peter Alexander, Dr. Carin Runciman and Boitumelo Maruping publish new article South Africa's Incident Registration Information System (IRIS): Its use and abuse in protest analysis.
​​18/06/2014. Video. Dr. Trevor Ngwane - Putting Public in Public Services: Research, Action and Equity.
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Post-doctoral Research Fellows, Doctoral Bursars and Masters Bursars