Why take Philosophy at University - higher salary,better job prospects or Love of Wisdom?


Need help applying for Philosophy?

The BA thing explained

You have to choose two subjects,called your majors, to qualify with. After choosing Philosophy you then choose any one of the 17 other Humanities subjects. You could even choose a 3rd major from Humanities,which has 17 departments including Philosophy or wait for it .... another faculty!(eg. Engineering,Accounting and Humanities are all faculties).

And if for some reason you slipped up last year by not choosing Philosophy you can take it starting in your 2nd year!

OK Philosophy was a no-brainer but what else?

You have to choose one more subject (major) from the Humanities faculty after choosing Philosophy. We recommend:

But whatever you do, you will need to be able to think and live ethically. That is where Philosophy comes in.

Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy teaches you how to think for yourself in a critical, creative, and ethical way.

You should do Philosophy if you want to:
  • be successful at any career, since all employers prize clear thinking and integrity, and pay well for it;
  • win in an age of information-overload and panic at robots taking our jobs, since critical thinkers make the robots and control them;
  • not be taken in for a ride in a world of false advertising and corruption;
  • be a good human being, and help the world become a better place.

Possible careers with Philosophy include:

In Education
  • Academic - Philosopher or other
  • High School Teacher

In Law
  • Lawyer, Judge

In Government
  • Political leader
  • Advisor
  • Local government officer

In Consultancy
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment

In Business
  • Executive – marketing, finance, any
  • Stock broker, Financier

In Journalism
  • Newspaper journalist
  • TV journalist

In Psychology
  • Psychotherapist
  • Life-coach

Majors and elective modules to combine with your Philosophy major include:

Philosophy goes well with:.

Why Bother with Philosophy?

Is it for the Fame? Or is it for the Glory? Or is it for the Money?

Money? What?! There's money in Philosophy? Click on ... I think, therefore I earn! to see if we can convince you. Yup! You better believe it. Critical thinking is a prized skill and amply rewarded in business. And that is what Philosophy will teach you.

So regardless if you are aiming to be a business Master of the Universe (B.Com and Philosophy); an accountant (Accountancy and Philosophy), an engineer, scientist and especially any of the Social Sciences you need Philosophy to think straight.

And especially since UJ Philosophy Department is rated in the top 2 African Philosophy Departments worldwide!

Most fun with your clothes on?

This is our little secret. We really enjoy talking and straightening out non-philosophers confused beliefs. Come and join us in first year and see how clever we can make you. Philosophy is the most fun you can have - ever - without going to the beach!

Critical Thinking?

Take the fake out of the fake news and rule the robots when they come! That's the power of critical thinking.
But I have been thinking all my life! I use it all the time and nobody at school has tried to teach me to think - so what's up? Good point - your main way you learn is .... well thinking and so far nobody has bothered to teach you or even pointed out that you need to be taught!

Also think: All this AI, 4IR and robots taking over the world scare stories are probably eventually true for routine and repetitive work. But not for those who can think, analyse and then put the robots to work. All controlled by good old-fashioned thinking!

Bottom line: business values thinkers, and we cannot do without them in the AI future world. Makes sense don't you think?

The Philosophy Department naturally runs critical thinking courses for other departments and of course for our own first year Philosophy students.

Ethics - I don't care!

So what's all this about Ethics? Well, caring aside - philosophers have been debating ethical issues since Plato,Socrates and Aristotle basically forever. We are rightly the acknowledged experts.

A particularly pesky issue with Ethics: it is a legally mandated requirement in many fields - collapsing dams/ buildings/ companies puts a legal responsibility on the engineers/ accountants/ public servants to do the right thing rather than the most profitable. So in the words of Bob Marley "No Ethics - No Freedom!"

The Philosophy Department as the acknowledged experts runs ethics courses for engineers and for accountants and of course for our own Philosophy students.

Why Do Philosophy?