Below is a  list of research that was completed as part of the masters for 2017/8. 

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisorCo-Supervisor
Berry, Rebecca AnnThe Effect of Lumber-Pelvic Spinal Manipulative Therapy on Power Output in RowersDr DM Landman 
Cope Morgan, Emma JayneThe Prevalence and Types of Non-Manipulative Therapies Used by Chiropractors in South AfricaDr CM Bester 
De Bruyn, Cornelius JohannesThe Effect of Ultrasound Therapy and Upper Cervical Manipulative Therapy a Well as the Combination Thereof on Chronic SinustisDr M MoodleyDr DM Landman
Eves, Lauren CandiceInvestigating the Change in Hand Microbiota of Chiropractic Students Treating Patients in the Chiropractic Training ClinicDr CJ YelvertonProf TG Barnard / Mrs N Hodgkinston
Foster, Laura AnneA Comparative Study of Resisted Versus Assisted Manipulation Technique in Cervical Facet SydromeDr M Moodley 
Griesel, DesireeActivator Trigger Point Therapy versus Interferential Current in the Treatment of Inter-scapular Pain Due to Rhomboid Trigger PointsDr M Moodley 
Hendrikz, KimonAnalysis of Fractures and Dislocations Caused by Chiropractors in South AfricaDr CM Bester 
Lamberti, Louise AnnA Pilot Study into Mefenamic Acid and Chiropractic Manipulation for the Treatment of Primary DysmenorrheaDr M Moodley 
Masumpa, Bongani GodfreyThe Chiropractic Approach to Impingement Syndrome of the ShoulderDr CM Bester 
Mendes, Jenny Dos SantosComparison of Spinal Manipulative Therapy with Kinesio® Tape versus Dynamic® Tape for Chronic Non Specific Thoracic PainDr DM Landman 
Mouton, Johannes Nicolaas JacobusManual Versus Instrument Assisted Manipulation in the Treatment of Thoracic Facet DysfunctionDr DM Landman 
Ngobeni, Phetheka InaThe Effect of Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy and Therapeutic Elastic Taping in the Treatment of Rhomboid Trigger PointsDr CJ Yelverton 
Oosthuizen, NicoleDry Needling Versus Cervical Spine Manipulation Combined with Dry Needling of Subscapularis Myofascial Trigger PointsDr CJ Yelverton 
Carless, Sarah DianneA Survey of Work-Related Injuries of Chiropractors in South AfricaDr CJ YelvertonDr CJ Hay
Ferreira, VickiCervical Spine Manipulation and Muscle Energy Technique in the Treatment of Upper Trapezius Myofascial PainDr DM Landman 
Kruger, MarniSurvival of Bacterial Pathogens on Vinyl Chiropractic Treatment BedsDr CJ YelvertonProf TG Barnard
Levine, Matthew GregThe Acute Effects of Chiropractic Manipulation on the Accuracy and Bowling Speed of Male BowlersDr M MoodleyDr SM Smilkstein
Lombard, Dayna TeresaThe Effect of Chiropractic Manipulation on the Tactile Sensitivity of the Trigeminal NerveDr CJ Yelverton 
Robertson, Kim NicoleThe Effect of Manual Versus Mechanical Cervical Manipulation on Brain qEEGDr CM Bester 
Berger, David Brian The Effects of Cervical Spine Manipulation versus Soft Tissue Therapy on Gait Individuals with Sub-Acute Neck PainDr CJ Yelverton 
Botha, SurietteA Comparison between Ischemic Compression and Foam Rolling in the Treatment of Active Rhomboid Trigger PointsDr DM Landman 
Duarte, Tasmyn MatosAnalysis of the Use of Non-Manipulation Therapies by Chiropractors in South AfricaDr CM Bester 
Fussell, Jessica AnneA Comparison between Spinal Manipulative Therapy and SpiderTech ™ Therapy and the Compination thereof on Upper Crossed Syndrome Dr DM Landman 
Grove, ConstantPatella Mobilization and Manipulation in Patellofemoral Pain SyndromeDr CJ Hay 
Kirtley, Ryan JustinA Comparative Study between Three Chiropractic Approaches to Peroneal Trigger PointsDr CJ Hay 
Kok, LianA Comparative Study Comparing the Effects of Ultrasound Therapy and Hot Pack Therapy as a Post Dry Needling ProcedureDr CJ Yelverton 
Long, LeezyThe Effect of Lumbosacral Manipulation Therapy, Interfential Current Therapy and the Combination thereof on Hamstring Strength and FlexibilityDr M Moodley 
Mensky, GaliaThe Immediate Effect of Cervical Manipulation on qEEGDr CM Bester 
Randal Smith, Devlin SeanA Case Series Describing the Effect of Extremity Manipulation on qEEGDr CM BesterDr CJ Hay
Somerville, Sarah MeganA Survey in Paediatric Care by Chiropractors in South AfricaDr CM Bester