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A Biomedical Technologist works in a laboratory, and analyses specimens from the human body. These specimens may include blood, body fluids and tissue. The specimens are analysed in the four major disciplines, for example, Microbiology which involves the impact of micro-organisms on or in the human body; Chemical Pathology which examines the normal and abnormal blood chemistry of the body for example cholesterol, blood glucose and hormonal levels; Cellular Pathology which determines abnormal changes in cells and tissues as for example in cancer; and Haematology which examines white and red blood cells, clotting factors and ensures safe blood transfusion. The results of these tests assist doctors to diagnose and treat patients.
Job opportunities are available in state a​nd provincial laboratories, private pathology laboratories, medical faculties of universities, medical and pharmaceutical firms, research organisations (MRC, NICD, CSIR) and there are opportunities for private practice​.