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The phasing out of the Diploma qualification will follow the rules and regulations of the University of Johannesburg. According to the institutional rules and regulations, it allows for a minimum of three (3) years for one to complete the National Diploma after registration, and a maximum of five (5) years. That means, for example, the students who registered in 2019 will have until 2023 to complete their Diploma.

Our application to start the four year Bachelor degree at our Institution was approved by HPCSA, CHE, and DHET for implementation in 2019. As was stipulated by the Department of Higher Education and Training the last date for first time entering students enrolling in academic programmes that are not aligned with the Higher Education Qualification Sub- Framework was 31st of December 2020. These qualifications include B Tech Biomedical Technology, M Tech Biomedical Technology and D Tech Biomedical Technology.

Aspects that have been taken into consideration in preparation for the B-Degree programme and phasing out of the old qualifications included developing an appropriate strategy for teaching, learning and assessment (TLA).

The new professional Bachelor’s Degree programme will be offered while the current N.Diploma and B Tech programmes are being phased out. The generic Master Degree in Health Sciences (Biomedical Technology) will replace the Masters in Technology programme and the generic Doctorate of Health Sciences in Biomedical Technology will replace the Doctor of Technology degree. The latter changes will be implemented to align with the HEQF landscape.

Take special note of the table below which indictes when each phasing out qualification should be completed.

Biomed Table