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Medical laboratory scientists, traditionally known as medical technologists, play an integral part in patient care. Tests in the laboratory can be as simple as testing for confirmation of a pregnancy or as complex as tests used to monitor treatment of HIV, cancer and diabetes. Medical laboratory scientists conduct tests in an ethical, accurate and timely manner. Blood, body fluids and tissue from the human body are analysed in the chemical pathology, hematology, microbiology, histology, cytology or virology departments of a diagnostic laboratory. Laboratory tests results play a major role in guiding clinician’s decisions around hospital admission, surgical interventions and treatment choices.

The Department of Biomedical Sciences offers a four-year undergraduate programme in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). Students that meet the minimum registration requirements may apply to post graduate studies toward the Masters and Doctorate qualifications (MLS) in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Students are required to attend compulsory teaching and learning activities in the lecture halls, practical training sessions in the laboratory and work integrated learning at laboratories in the field.

Graduates from this programme are skilled for employment opportunities laboratories in the public and private sector, medical faculties of universities, medical and pharmaceutical sector, research organisations (MRC, NICD, CSIR), the South African National Blood Services and for independent private practice .

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