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HOW DO​ WE CREATE A NEW THINKING ON AFRICA?​ Dr. David Nkosi ​- ​​SAFM ​​​26 May 2016ICT in Education | Video Part 1​​​
Good teacher graduates emerge when their studies combine theory and reality​ - M&G 17 June 2016
Media Summary - Talk Radio 702 (Azania​ Mosaka Show) - Issues affecting child-headed households‏​ 
ICT and teacher empowerment | Video Part 2​​
The trouble with the fee-exemption s​ystem at schools - The Witness 3 May 2016​ | 170KB​
Prof Sarah Gravett - Jacaranda Matric Results 2016​​​Media Summary- Discussing ho​w SONA should address SA’​​s basic education​​​​ | 4MB 2016 15 February​
Meer speel as huiswerk vir die jonges Burger Suid - ​Kaap 24 Mar 2016 | 700 KB​
Prof Sarah Gravett - Power FM Matric Results 2016
​​Prof Sarah Gravett - Speaking on Matric results on CNBC Africa | 15 MB  20​16 18 February​​Halfuur se huiswerk genoeg vir die pikkies Beeld 24 Mar 2016 | 600 KB​​
Education Prof Coert Loock On Matric Results SAfm 2016 Clip 1Prof Lara Ragpot on balance of amount of homework a school pupil should receive SABC News​​ | 11 MB 2016 ​18 February​Committee set up to analyse diversity in textbooks Mercury First Edition 18 Feb 2016​​ | 300 KB​​​

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