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Programme: Chemical Engineering Technology

Chemical Engineering Technology focuses on the handling, analysis, monitoring, properties and processing of a wide variety of materials such as chemicals, compounds, pastes, petroleum derivatives, mining ores, pharmaceuticals, gas products and more. Chemical reactions and properties are examined on a small scale and then applied to real-world industrial settings. Chemical Engineering involves chemical exchanges between substances when raw materials are turned into products. It also investigates the nature of chemical reactions and involves process and equipment optimization commissioning and design, trouble shooting and problem solving.


Core functions of a Chemical Engineer or Technician involve raw material and final product analysis, quality assurance, research and development, technical sales and services, production and process control.

Career Opportunities

Chemical Engineering Technologists and Technicians are focused on chemical processes used in industry. Employment opportunities exist across a wide range of manufacturing environments such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, iron and steel, food and beverages, water and waste water. Chemical processes are also required to prevent harmful pollutants escaping into soil, water and air, therefore additional career avenues exist within the field of environmental management.

Employment opportunities that exist within the field of Chemical Engineering Technology:

Chemical Engineering Technology​ ​
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chemical Technologist
  • Energy Engineer
  • Energy Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Product/Process Development Scientist
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Manager


Head of Department: Prof Kapil Moothi