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EDWRG Working Paper Series


Biyase-Naidoo-The Symmetric and Asymmetric Effect of Remittances on Financial Development Evidence from South Africa
Biyase-Zwane-Mncayi-Maleka-Do technological innovation and financial development affect inequality Evidence from BRICS countries
Biyase-Zwane-Udimal-Kirsten-Ecological footprint and population health outcomes an analysis of E7 countries
Bonga-Bonga_Molemohi-Kirsten-The role of personal characteristics in shaping gender-biased job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic 
Kirsten-Biyase-Environmental perceptions and sustainable consumption behavior. The disparity among South Africans
Manguvzane-Biyase-Exchange rate risk and sovereign debt risk in South Africa A Regime Dependent Approach
Ohonba-Kirsten-Mkhize-Perceived unmet needs in healthcare as inequality indicators Evidence from South Africa


Kirsten, Biyase,. & Zwane-The impact of poverty on the ecological fooprint in BRICS countries
Biyase, Manguzvane., & Udimal- Remittances And Economic Growth in SA
Biyase., & Simo-Kengne- The Impact Of Religion on offspring’s perceived human capital investment in Africa
Biyase, Eita, Udimal, Zwane-Military spending and inequality in SA
H. Eita, M. Biyase, T. Udimal, & T. Zwane -Does military spending affect inequality in SA
Derkacza, Bila & Arogundadec- Autonomous expenditure multipliers
Biyase, Volschenk, De Carvalho-Occupation Status Subjective Wellbeing Nexus A quantile regression analysis
Bila and Biyase- Determinants of Subjective Poverty in Rural and Urban Areas of South Africa

Sodiq Arogundade, Mduduzi Biyase and Hinaunye Eita- Foreign Direct Investment and poverty in Sub-Saharan African countries: the role of host absorptive capacity
Nomsa Y. Nkomo, Beatrice D. Simo-Kengne and Mduduzi Biyase- The impact of mental health behaviour on tobacco consumption in South Africa
Mduduzi Biyase and Cephas Naanwaab- Rural–Urban Differences in Subjective Well-Being for South Africa: Static and Dynamic Approaches
Sodiq Arogundade, Mduduzi Biyase and Hinaunye Eita- Foreign Direct Investment and Inclusive Human Development in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Does local Economic Conditions Matter?

Fisher, Biyase, Kirsten, Rooderick- Gender Wage Discrimination in South Africa within the Affirmative Action Framework
Mosikari, Eita- Modelling Asymmetric Relationship between Exports and Growth in a Developing Economy: Evidence from Namibia
Bitterhout, Simo-Kengne- The effect of corruption on economic growth in the BRICS countries. A panel data analysis
Biyase, Fisher, Pretorius- Remittances and subjective well-being: A static and dynamic panel approach to single-item and multi-item measures of happiness Van Zyl-The impact of new production technology on employee