About the Conference

Conference Programme

The DSI/NRF Trilateral Chair in Transformative Innovation, the 4IR and Sustainable Development (TRCTI), is approaching its fifth year, and in collaboration with partners, is organising an international conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme of this conference is:

“Transforming Africa: Innovating our way towards sustainability”

The Objectives of the Conference

The conference will stimulate the cross-pollination of ideas, co-creation of solutions and learning across regions and actors to further innovation, research, and policy engagement to transform Africa’s innovation and development spaces by:

Expected Outcomes

The expected results of the conference include:

  1. Increased understanding and awareness of transformative innovation and the policy requirements.
  2. Multi-sectoral interactions and increased networking amongst new constellations of science, technology and innovation actors.
  3. Identification of improved policy options that African countries could deploy to strengthen and promote transformative innovations.

Event Details

Date: 26-29 February 2024

Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa (Hybrid)

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