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  Prof Naresh Malhotra  
    Prof Göran Svensson    
  Prof Jukka Ojasalo 

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  UJ Marketing's scholars' most impactful research publications* 

*Selected publications taken from Google Scholar based on number of citations and research themes.

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Mobile Marketing Research

Understanding mobile marketing adoption intention by South African SMEs: A multi-perspective framework

DK Maduku, M Mpinganjira, H Duh

International Journal of Information Management 36 (5), 711-723


An empirical investigation into customers' attitude towards usage of cell phone banking in Gauteng, South Africa

DK Maduku, M Mpinganjira

Journal of Contemporary Management 9 (1), 172-189


Understanding mobile marketing adoption intention by South African SMEs: A multi-perspective framework

DK Maduku, M Mpinganjira, H Duh

International Journal of Information Management 36 (5), 711-723


The perceived service quality, satisfaction and behavioural intent towards cellphone network service providers: A generational perspective

DJ Petzer, CF De Meyer

Academic Journals

Services Marketing Research

Use of e-government services: the role of trust

M Mpinganjira

International Journal of Emerging Markets 10 (4), 622-633


Service receivers' negative emotions in airline and hospital service settings

DJ Petzer, CF De Meyer, S Svari, G Svensson

Journal of Services Marketing 26 (7), 484-496

Trials and tribulations: marketing in modern South Africa

DJ Petzer, CF De Meyer

European Business Review 25 (4), 382-390


The effect of service failure and recovery on airline-passenger relationships: a comparison between South African and United States airline passengers

TFJ Steyn, PG Mostert, CF De Meyer, LRJ Van Rensburg

Journal of Management Policy and Practice 12 (5), 105-114

Retail Research

The impact of marketing strategies on profitability of small grocery shops in South African townships

N Chiliya, G Herbst, M Roberts-Lombard

African Journal of Business Management 3 (3), 070-079


An investigation of perceived service quality in online shopping: A hierarchical approach

M Mpinganjira

Journal of Applied Business Research 31 (1), 115


Online store service convenience, customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions: A focus on utilitarian oriented shoppers

M Mpinganjira

Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies 7 (1), 36


Predicting retail banking customers' attitude towards Internet banking services in South Africa

DK Maduku

Southern African Business Review 17 (3), 76-100


Customers' adoption and use of e-banking services: the South African perspective

DK Maduku

Banks and bank systems 9 (2), 66-77

Customer Relationship Marketing Research 

Customer satisfaction, trust and commitment as predictors of customer loyalty within an optometric practice environment

T Van Vuuren, M Roberts-Lombard, E Van Tonder

Southern African Business Review 16 (3), 81-96


Employees as customers An internal marketing study of the Avis car rental group in South Africa

M Roberts-Lombard

African Journal of Business Management 4 (4), 62-372


Customer retention strategies implemented by fast-food outlets in the Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal provinces of South Africa-a focus on Something Fishy, Nandos and Steers

M Roberts-Lombard

African journal of marketing management 1 (2), 070-080

Customer retention through customer relationship management: The exploration of two-way communication and conflict handling

M Roberts-Lombard

African journal of business management 5 (9), 3487-3496


Customer relationship management (CRM) in a South African service environment: an exploratory study

M Roberts-Lombard, L Du Plessis

African Journal of Marketing Management 4 (4), 152-165


Understanding online repeat purchase intentions: A relationship marketing perspective

M Mpinganjira

Management: journal of contemporary management issues 19 (2), 117-135

South African Higher Education Research

Retaining Africa's talent: the role of Africa's higher education

M Mpinganjira

International journal of emerging markets 6 (2), 168-179


Comparative analysis of factors influencing the decision to study abroad

M Mpinganjira

African Journal of Business Management 3 (8), 358-365


The traditional internal marketing mix and its perceived influence on graduate employee satisfaction in an emerging economy

L De Bruin-Reynolds, M Roberts-Lombard, C de Meyer

Journal of Global Business and Technology 11 (1), 24-38


Choice Factors and the Perceived Value that Influence Prospective University Students' Intention to Enrol: A Choice Model

I Lubbe

University of Johannesburg


Work Integrated Learning benefits for student career prospects–mixed mode analysis

CM Govender, M Wait

South African Journal of Higher Education 31 (5), 49-64


The effectiveness of board game learning as an educational tool in employee development.

M Wait, M Frazer

Global Business and Technology Association

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