Sustainable Manufacturing of Lithium Ion Battery for Electric Vehicles by Chris Yuan

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio. USA

Abstract:  Electric vehicles (EVs) are widely promoted as clean alternatives to conventional vehicles for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ground transportation. However, the lithium ion batteries (LIBs) used in current EV are manufactured through energy-intensive processes. Moreover, large amount of toxic chemicals are consumed and enclosed in lithium ion batteries. The environmental impacts generated during the manufacturing and end-of-life of these lithium ion batteries are significant and of gave concerns. In this seminar, our research on lithium ion battery technologies, the systematic approach for sustainable manufacturing, the manufacturing energy consumption and life cycle impacts of lithium battery technologies for electric vehicles will be presented. Specifically, an unit energy analysis model has been developed and validated through experimental testing data for lithium ion battery manufacturing. Water-based manufacturing of lithium ion batteries is studied in comparison with conventional manufacturing processes. Life cycle assessment models have been developed to evaluate the environmental impacts of lithium ion battery technologies.

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Chris Yuan currently holds the Leonard Case Jr. Professorship in Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. His research activities are focused on the forefront of sustainable manufacturing, industrial energy efficiency and lithium battery manufacturing. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009. He is a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

March 10, 2022

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