On Wednesday 23 November 2022, UJ celebrated its retiring academics with an interactive Retiring Academics luncheon held at the School of Tourism and Hospitality on the APB Campus.

Tokoza Kwinana gave the opening and welcome address, stating that going into retirement is not an easy transition for anyone:

It is understandable to ask yourself, ‘now what?’ or ‘what am I going to do post-retirement?’ Many see it as a daunting experience, while others may see it as an easy feat as they may have plans put in place for their retirement.

The event was held in celebratory style to honour the retiring academics, for whom the University had been a home for many years. It looked to engage the retirees on various offerings available to them through UJ’s Convocation.

“There are many possibilities that are there but we are looking forward to engaging you when it comes to the wealth of knowledge and experience that you have which is highly valuable.”, Ms Kwinana said.

Professor Bettine Jansen van Vuuren shared some remarks at the lunch and thanked the academics for their contribution to the university:

This is to say thank you for your many years of service to the university and other universities where you may have been before. The impact which people like yourselves make on the lives of students is immeasurable and one can never say thank you enough. UJ is very lucky to have had you.

UJ’s Registrar, Prof. Kinta Burger spoke of the importance of getting involved in UJ’s Convocation, as well as joining the alumni connect platform to offer mentorship:

We need you to become involved in the convocation as it’s where you continue to make a contribution and where we can draw from the collective knowledge that is around the table. We urge you to put up your hand when there is a call for nominations. The convocation is an important structure as it comprises the alumni, current academic staff and also the retired academic staff.

Nell Ledwaba, Senior Manager of Alumni Relations, spoke about the retired academics joining their affinity group on alumni connect, as well as joining the Convocation AGM as it happens each year:

There are different affinity groups which are faculty-related on the alumni connect platform. We always need guest speakers to share their expertise at these affinity groups. So you can mentor an alumnus or young emerging alumni and that will keep you busy.

Professor Bettine Jansen van Vuuren gave the vote of thanks, thereby bringing the event to a close.

November 23, 2022

Disclaimer: The University of Johannesburg encourages academic debate and discussion that are conducted in a manner that upholds respectful interaction, safety of all involved, and freedom of association as enshrined in the law, the Constitution, and within the boundaries of the University policies. The views expressed during events are expressed in a personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Johannesburg.

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