Sit tight and Write

Facilitator: Prof Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

Research writing is rarely easy, and its challenges are compounded by the solitary and sometimes lonely nature of the experience. One way to mitigate the isolation you may experience is by joining a writing group. The Postgraduate School invites you to a series of research writing sessions in a supportive and productive space. Each session will be focused on a theme that should help you with your writing project. It can also be reassuring to know that you are not alone in the research journey.

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DEADLINE: Please book as soon as possible, but no later than Monday 11 July 2022 for sessions 1 & 2 & no later than 25 July 2022 for sessions 3,4 & 5.

July 18, 2022 July 25, 2022 August 1, 2022 August 15, 2022 August 22, 2022

Disclaimer: The University of Johannesburg encourages academic debate and discussion that are conducted in a manner that upholds respectful interaction, safety of all involved, and freedom of association as enshrined in the law, the Constitution, and within the boundaries of the University policies. The views expressed during events are expressed in a personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Johannesburg.

Rcd Invitation Sit Tight And Write Second Semester 2022 Updated 30 June 2022

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