The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Technology, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, invites you to an expert talk entitled:”Advancements in Sustainable Material Processing through Microwave Technology”

Abstract: The advent of microwave technology has revolutionized the material processing industry by providing substantial gains in energy efficiency, less environmental impact, and enhanced material characteristics. The combination of microwaves with the casting and sintering processes has led to remarkable advances, and this talk will offer a thorough summary of those innovations. In this talk, we’ll go through the underlying processes and concepts that make microwave-assisted material processing possible, with an emphasis on the rapidity, precision, and uniformity of microwave heating. Microwave heating technology will be discussed in detail, with a focus on its cutting-edge impact on casting and sintering, including how it improves material densification, mechanical characteristics, and microstructure control. Innovative solutions that improve efficiency and product quality while also conforming to global environmental goals are essential as we go forward in the material processing industry. The goal of this talk is to encourage interaction and further research into the potential of microwave technology to radically alter the landscape of green material processing.
Speaker’s Details
Dr. Neeraj Kumar Bhoi
Assistant Professor
School of Automation, Banasthali Vidyapith, India
Speaker Biography: Currently, Dr. Neeraj Kumar Bhoi holds the position of Assistant Professor at Banasthali Vidyapith’s School of Automation, situated in Banasthali, Rajasthan, India. He earned his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design, and Manufacturing’s Department of Mechanical Engineering in Jabalpur, India. The primary concentration of Dr. Bhoi’s research is the advancement of lightweight materials technology, the development of innovative waste recycling techniques, and the development of microwave processing techniques for metals and composites. On February 28-29, 2020, the M. P. Council of Science and Technology, Madhya Pradesh, India, conferred upon him the 35th Madhya-Pradesh Young Scientist Award for his exceptional work in “An innovative and sustainable manufacturing process for uniform sintering and cladding in the microwave field” in recognition of his commitment and contributions to the field. The outcome of Dr. Bhoi’s academic pursuits is the publication of more than 25 research papers, which have been featured in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, he has delivered presentations at prestigious national and international conferences hosted in India and abroad.
Prof. Kapil Gupta, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Technology
Meeting ID: 346 607 915 083
Passcode: pTui5Y
October 30, 2023

Disclaimer: The University of Johannesburg encourages academic debate and discussion that are conducted in a manner that upholds respectful interaction, safety of all involved, and freedom of association as enshrined in the law, the Constitution, and within the boundaries of the University policies. The views expressed during events are expressed in a personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Johannesburg.

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