The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Johannesburg, invites you to a presentation on: Agent-based Distributed AI framework for 5G/6G

PRESENTER: Prof Andreas Pitsillides Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus and Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg.

DATE: 19 October 2022
TIME: 14:00 – 15:00
MEETING ID: 378 507 723 352 / Passcode: UUqHD8


Wireless communication is becoming ubiquitous in everyday life, with user demands growing at an extremely fast pace. Despite impressive breakthroughs in almost every part of our wireless systems-from antennas to hardware to operating software-these demands are increasingly challenging to address. The humongous scale of research effort and investment in the upcoming 5th and 6th generation mobile communications (5G, 6G) and Multi Gigabit Wireless LANs (e.g., IEEE 802.11ad) reflect the scale of the challenge. This talk motivates a novel Agent-based AI/MLbased Distributed AI (DAI) framework aimed to facilitate the achievement of the ambitious goals set forth by the research and standards community. It utilises Belief-Desire-Intention agents extended with ML capabilities for the perception/cognitive part of the agents (BDIx agents), which reside on mobile devices.

The motivation and the framework will be presented firstly, highlighting several benefits, including device intercommunication and cooperation in an efficient, distributed, autonomous and flexible manner. Then, to demonstrate its potentials, the talk will focus on Device to Device (D2D) communication, illustrated via a specific DAI plan in the application of the selection of the best D2D transmission mode. The plan targets the achievement of enhanced broadband and massive machine types 5G use cases by improving spectral efficiency and reducing power consumption. To conclude, the generality of the framework to address other problems in 5G/6G will also be presented, as well as hint at its application in other domains, as e.g., in a Power System. Furthermore, some open issues will also be presented to facilitate discussion and encourage collaboration



5g 6g Webinar

October 14, 2022

Disclaimer: The University of Johannesburg encourages academic debate and discussion that are conducted in a manner that upholds respectful interaction, safety of all involved, and freedom of association as enshrined in the law, the Constitution, and within the boundaries of the University policies. The views expressed during events are expressed in a personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Johannesburg.

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