Give to UJ

Give to UJ

The money we raise helps support the UJ Missing Middle and Bursary Campaign as well as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Your donation is in good hands and will go where you intend it to

Whether you choose to give towards bursaries or another project, UJ is committed to good governance when administering funds on behalf of donors.

From inception, UJ has prioritised the need to provide financial and other support to its students, many of whom come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Today, UJ manages in the region of R600 million annually through its Financial Aid Office, and we manage bursaries for individual students on behalf of many companies. The Postgraduate School is responsible for postgraduate student bursary administration. Internal controls are in place to ensure that the selection of students awarded bursaries is fair, transparent and fulfils the criteria as given by bursary providers.

Increase your company's BBB-EE score

In terms of B-BBEE scoring status, the three main sectors are categorised as, Socio-Economic Development, Supplier Development and Skills Development. UJ has a variety of worthwhile projects across these categories that you can invest in. All qualifying donations will receive a letter confirming the B-BBEE scoring status.

  • By investing in initiatives that increase in your company's B-BBEE status, you will be able to bid for tender opportunities that require a high B-BBEE score.
  • By donating towards bursaries, corporates can increase their B-BBEE points by investing in the skills development of unemployed youths.
  • Private companies that engage in business with each other may also reap the benefits of being B-BBEE compliant through preferential procurement. Larger businesses are incentivised to do business with you because it improves their B-BBEE score.

Tax benefits

If you donate, as an individual, to a public benefit organisation such as UJ, it can result in you reducing your tax liability upon submission of their annual tax return. When you donate to UJ, we will ensure that you are issued with a section 18A certificate to submit to SARS with your annual tax return.

Charitable donations from corporates have tax benefits too, and UJ will issue the organisation with a section 18A certificate on receipt of the contribution.

Expand market awareness

There are numerous marketing, branding and PR opportunities when donating to UJ. UJ will use our media platforms to promote your brand by publishing news about your donation. Additionally, you can spread the word about your donation by posting on your social media platforms and your website.