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Prof Nancy Jecker

Prof Nancy Jecker
Department of Philosophy Distinguished Visiting Professors
Visiting Professor

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University of Washington

​ Prof. Nancy Jecker  is Professor of Bioethics & Humanities at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Department of Bioethics & Humanities. She is Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington Department of Philosophy and the School of Law.

She is the author (with Lawrence Schneiderman) of Wrong Medicine: Doctors, Patients and Futile Treatment, 2nd edition (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011), and the editor (with Albert Jonsen and Robert Pearlman) of Bioethics: An Introduction to the History, Methods, and Practice, 3rd Edition (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2011). Her articles have appeared in The Journal of the American Medical Association, The American Journal of Bioethics, The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, The Journal of Value Inquiry, and other publications. She teaches Ethical Theory (BH 402/PHIL 412), Metaethics (BH 404/PHIL 413), Justice in Health Care (BH 474/PHIL 411), Philosophical Problems in Bioethics (BH 420), and Introduction to Bioethics (BH 411).