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All qualifications that are in phase out are those that were accredited under the old National Qualifications Framework (NQF) which had only eight levels. The new Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF) of 2013, has ten levels. The HEQSF applies to all the universities in South Africa. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) published a notice (dated 6 July 2016) which announced that all the qualifications registered in terms of the eight level NQF would be phased out as all qualifications had to be aligned to the new 10 level framework. It is critical to note that the phase out qualifications are those that could not be aligned to the new framework. A qualification in phase out is a programme on the old NQF and that cannot be offered in terms of the new HEQSF. But, and this is important, it remains a valid and verifiable qualification with value in the system.

Important for UJ is that qualifications (such as the National Diploma, BTech, MTech, and DTech are now in phase out and there are new replacement qualifications that are available. The DHET announcement which is applicable to all universities, is that the last year in which new students could be enrolled on these old programmes was 31 December 2019. Students who enrolled for the first time before this date will be allowed to complete provided that they continue to meet the academic rules and progression rules of the university. So, for example, the maximum time will always be adhered to.

UJ has teach out plans for all its returning students, and students who are completing these qualifications will be funded by NSFAS provided they meet both the NSFAS and university criteria.

In summary:

  • A returning student who first registered for the programme in or before 2019 and who is still within the time for completion will be permitted to continue his / her studies provided that they are performing academically satisfactorily.
  • No NEW intakes will be permitted in 2020 for phase out qualifications.

Students who are not clear on the impact on their own studies are encouraged to contact their faculty for clarification.