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Dear Supplier,

Please take note of this important announcement,

All Suppliers must update their time zones on the Oracle icloud portal. Follow the instructions provided below,

  1. Login
  2. Click on your Initials located on the top right corner
  3. Select Set Preferences:
  4. Select Regional
  5. Go to the ”Time Zone” drop down list
  6. Select “(UTC+02:00) Johannesburg – South Africa Time (SAT)
  7. Save and Close

Tender Number: RFP UJ 35/2023

Tender Briefing:
Briefing Session Date: August 2, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM

Briefing Venue: Virtual tender briefing.

Tender Closing Date: August 16, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM

Download : Mobile Communications Solution Project


Interested parties must send an email request to to be invited to the virtual tender briefing.

Kindly take note the following:

  1. The Tender Pack will be released on the Oracle Cloud Application, Bidders are requested to register.
  2. Brief Scope: The university of Johannesburg would like to invite qualified and registered debt collection agencies for the collection of revenue on overdue accounts for a period of 3 years, on commission basis. The service provider must have capacity to handle the volume of work to be carried out.
  3. Attached on this email is information on how to register on Oracle ICloud, how to access, download and upload your tender submission.


How to access the tender pack and How to submit your proposal

If you are not registered on the UJ Supplier Database and would like to respond to the tender/RFP, you are required to register onto our system as a Prospective Supplier.

If you are already a UJ Supplier, click here to login to Cloud Supplier Portal to participate.

If you have forgotten your password/ want to reset your password, click to reset your password.