Department of Business Management

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The Department of Business Management is a dynamic department that aims at developing business leaders of the future. We have a number of ex​citing programmes and degrees that are guaranteed to add value to your academic growth and stand you in excellent stead in the business environment.

​What do we want to be?

We aspire to be a Department that:

  • Creates impactful knowledge, and
  • Prepares the mindsets of business innovators.

​Who are we?

​We are a dynamic, diverse team of academic business experts.

​What guides us?

​We are driven by the ambition to challenge mainstream thinking in an ethical, open and collaborative manner.

​What do we do?

(And how, and for whom, do we do it?)

​We develop graduates by means of market related programmes that are informed by quality knowledge creation, and teaching based on challenging current paradigms to transform society for the betterment of all.