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UJ Occupational Health Practice


The Occupational Health and Safety Act, No 85 of 1993, as amended, legally mandates the UJ Occupational Health Practice to conduct Health Risk Assessments and Medical Surveillance on employees who may be exposed to chemicals, noise, hazardous biological agents, lead and asbestos at work.


1. Health Risk Assessment (legal mandate)
    Periodic health risk surveys of the occupational environment
2. Medical Surveillance (legal mandate)
    Potentially exposed employees receive baseline, periodic and exit medical assessments          
3. Food Safety monitoring
    Food providers to UJ are audited for Food Safety standards
4. Executive Resilience Programme
    Medical assessments and support to UJ management
5. Event medical risk assessment and resource allocation
    Event medical risk management of cultural & academic events
6. Medical response to disaster
    A medical triage plan and disaster room linked to business continuity
7. Travel Health governance.
    Travel destination risk screening, pre- and post-visit assessments, immunizations and travel medical bag.

Please contact +27(0)11 559 2555 or the control room at your campus. You may contact or come to the Campus Health clinic directly.
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