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Please be informed that with effect from the 1st of May 2015 a holder of a valid temporary residence visa issued for the categories mentioned below will be allowed to register and undertake part-time studies with Institutions of Higher Learning as defined by the Immigration Regulations of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002) during the validity period of their respective visas.

  1. General work visa;
  2. Critical skills work visa;
  3. Intra-company transfer work visa; and
  4. Business visa;

The holders of the above-listed categories of temporary residence visas will no longer be required to submit requests to the Department for “endorsement “of study as a secondary activity. This provision allows for part-time study ONLY. Institutions of Higher Learning registered with the Department of Higher Education are advised not to allow these categories of applicants to study full time on these visas.

The duration of the course/qualification must not exceed the period of validity of the primary visa. A register of such learners must be kept by the institution of learning and be made available to the Inspectorate of the Department of Home Affairs for inspection when required. This Directive replaces the secondary activity endorsements for study as previously provided for in Directive 31 of 2008

To apply for an endorsement, you will have to undertake the following process:

Go to the VFS website

  • Click on “Online Application Form”
  • Click on “Apply Now”
  • It will take you to the next page titled “Schedule an appointment”
  • At the bottom of the list click on the “please click here” link

It will take you to the next page where you will be required to select the following options:

  • Application type: Select “Temporary Residence Visa”
  • Application sub-type: Select “TRV-Change in existing visa conditions”
  • Application sub-type category: Select “General Work Visa” or “Critical Skills Visa”. This sub-category is dependent on the type of visa held.
  • Location: Select the office of VFS where you intend to submit your application
  • Payment mode: Select the method of payment
  • Previous reference no: type the reference number of the current visa sticker.

Click “Submit” to complete the transaction.

Create a ‘User Profile’ for new users. If you have an existing account ‘login’

  • Click on ‘New Application’
  • Complete Form
  • Schedule an appointment with VFS
  • When the date is confirmed, the checklist, completed form and payment details will be accessible. Download and print all the documents.
  • Prepare all supporting documents as per the check list and make payment
  • Sign the completed form.

For the appointment take:

  • The completed signed application form
  • All supporting documents as per the check list
  • Proof of payment
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of current visa