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The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has outsourced student enrolment and qualification verifications to Qualification Verification Services (QVS) as from 1 January 2010. QVS specialises in the online verification of academic qualifications and student enrolments and offers a fast, secure and cost-effective service. Verification reports can be obtained instantly via the Internet.

QVS acts as an agent for UJ and offers the following online verification services:

  • Qualification verifications: There are two kinds of reports available; Standard Academic Report and a comprehensive Executive Academic Report. Qualification verification reports provide online confirmation of qualifications achieved, student number, identity number, when the qualification was issued and subjects passed.
  • Student enrolment verifications: This service enables an enquirer to verify instantly a student's credentials at UJ, such as registration, course information, subjects and results.

Specific student services are also available at QVS. The following specific support services are available to students and alumni;

  • CV Compiler: The online CV compiler will enable a student /alumni to generate a professional CV that will be in the format that recruitment companies and employers prefer.
  • Academic transcript ordering: Alumni can now directly, securely and online order a transcript from UJ. This online tool offers the convenience to submit your transcript ordering request electronically to the appropriate person at UJ administration. The online request will receive a unique system reference number to ensure tracking and speedy delivery via the Qualification Verifications Service users' mail system.
  • Report tracker: With this tool a student / alumnus will be able to verify who is checking their academic records.

For more information visit or contact QVS at or tel: 021-880 1033.​