Technology Support

Our staff and students have a variety of support available at their fingertips via uLink, UJ’s online portal. uLink can be accessed via your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Once logged into uLink, students and staff have access to relevant resources, all from one central location:


Modules and Communities
Blackboard modules, how to use Blackboard, e-textbooks, ICT and tablet workshops, library workshops, improving English reading skills, online Microsoft Office training, computer/tablet training manuals, and the computer literacy test

Administrative Utilities
ITS registration, e-payments, contact details, class timetable, assessment results, academic record, financial verification, exam timetable, exam results, bandwidth usage, financial statement, teaching evaluation form, complaints process, FSAO timetable, and email

Search (UJoogle, Google, Scholar), UJ regulations, library services, bus services, student lab info, research software, health services, PsyCaD, emergency contacts, and 100 tips for students by students


Modules and Communities
Blackboard modules, Blackboard training videos, plagiarism tools, class registers, e-textbooks, ICT and tablet workshops, computer/tablet training manuals, Mendeley,, and LinkedIn

Administrative Utilities
Online research submission, HEDA, students’ literacy scores, teaching evaluation form, and academic timetable

Search (UJoogle, Google, Scholar), research software (SPSS, AMOS, STATA, ATLAS.ti, Acrobat Pro, Respondus, etc.), library services, WiFi connectivity, emergency contacts, and PsyCaD

Blackboard queries only – contact the CAT helpdesk:

Phone: 011 559 3580