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Since 2009, the University of Johannesburg has made R20 million available every year to assist academically deserving and financially needy students with their registration fees.  This contribution has been able to assist more than 5000 students to register per year. UJ is aware that many South African families and prospective students find themselves in a desperate economic situation and through various initiatives and campaigns, the University assists has managed to assist its students to pay for their university education. The University’s vision of a reimagined future is to assist all its academically deserving and financially needy students pay for their university education. Become a part of our effort match our contribution assist us to double our impact and help more than 10,000 students. *A section 18A certificate will be issued to all qualifying donors.

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*A section 18A certificate will be issued to all qualifying donors.

Student Outstanding Debt Campaign

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) aims to raise R27 million, to support students who do not have the financial means to clear their debt and to enter the world of work.The issue of student debt has deprived many deserving students the opportunity to re-register at UJ in order to continue with their studies despite having met the academic requirements. The University of Johannesburg is aware that the debt crisis is a common challenge amongst South African youth and it continues to afflict our students each year. With the support from the UJ community and the public the University will be able to assist around 20 000 students to settle their outstanding fees. “Our job as universities is the empowerment of the next generation of leaders for the South African economy, society and governance through academic study leading to concrete, sought-after qualifications,” said Ms Nolwazi Mamorare, the Chief Financial Officer, UJ. The University has demonstrated its commitment in making education accessible to students and has raised R916 million to accommodate qualifying students with their studies through its Missing Middle Fundraising Campaign, since 2016.

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Meal Assistance Campaign #NoToStudentHunger

Annually the University of Johannesburg sets aside almost 10 million rands as part of its meal assistance programme. For the past 11 years, UJ’s food programme has helped to feed almost 4,000 students every day. Our meal packs cost just R50 each and are jam-packed with nutritious ingredients that keep our underprivileged students well fed and healthy. We urge you to support the programme by donating as little as R50 donation to our meal pack to enable us to continue to feed 4000 of our students daily for 2022. You can also give non-perishable foods, such as rice, pasta, maize meal, sugar, tinned goods, salt and soup powder, to our anti-hunger champions on campus. They’ll make sure your donations go to the right place.

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Alumni Annual Fund

UJ takes pride in the calibre of the alumni it has produced since its existence. These are people who continue to make positive contributions towards the development and transformation of the university and its community. The value of being part of the UJ Alumni is in donating your time and resources to help shape the futures of generations to come and that of your Alma Mater. The Annual Fund is supported by alumni and friends of the University who want to provide opportunities to students who need them the most. Thousands of alumni and supporters of the University donate to the Alumni Annual Fund every year. The money raised is then used to fund projects across all University departments and campuses. To donate to the alumni fund.

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Mixed Reality Simulation Campaign

The University of Johannesburg Faculty of Education is requiring funding support to pilot a South African version of Mixed Reality Simulation (MRS) for teacher education and development. The long-term vision is to establish a permanent South African MRS platform. The current request pertains to the pilot only. Should the pilot prove to be successful, more funding will be required to take the MRS to scale, involving more universities, working towards the MRS simulation platform becoming self-sustainable. The Faculty of Education is currently experimenting with MRS and researching its use, using the MRS platform TeachLivE™. Though the project was launched recently only, there is already evidence that pre-service teachers are benefiting from their involvement in the MRS. They show increase in teaching competence and their reflections on their experience show deep thinking about their practice and an increase in self-efficacy. To donate contribute to the campaign.

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STH Plaque Fundraising Initiative

The School of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Johannesburg is excited to announce the return of STH Plaque Fundraising Initiative. This is a special drive aimed at encouraging all STH alumni to purchase a customised plaque bearing their names and year of graduation.  The plaques are available in three different categories, depending on the level of contribution.  They will be installed in dedicated areas of the STH Kerzner Building, located at the Bunting Road campus, as part of our special alumni wall showcase.  As the no.1 ranked School of Tourism and Hospitality in Africa in terms of (QS Rankings); and with our Hospitality and Tourism Management subject rankings amongst the world’s top 10, providing education and training of a high standard, that is responsive to market needs and development is a key priority.  Proceeds from this plaque fundraising initiative will contribute towards the STH Endowment Fund.  The Fund was launched in 2019, to support the STH’s plans for the adoption of new technology and the upgrading of teaching and learning infrastructure. Interested STH staff and industry partners who are keen to contribute to this fundraising are also welcome.

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Bronze: R100 – R500
Silver: R500 – R1000
Gold: R1000 – R5000

UJ Choir Overseas Tour Fund

The globally renowned UJ Choir continues to contribute positively to the University of Johannesburg’s profile by representing the musical excellence of the university and with its successful proven track record of enhancing student life and their university experience.

Your contribution to the UJ Choir will allow the choir to continue creating enriching and memorable local and international opportunities for over 95 UJ choir members. Being part of the prestigious UJ Choir teaches choral excellence discipline, which has produced graduates who excel in their academic and career prospects.

Under the leadership of conductor Renette Bouwer and her prodigy Sizwe Mondlane, the UJ choir has released five albums which has received global recognition. They are all available on multiple streaming platforms, such as SpotifyApple MusicYouTubeYouTube music and Deezer.

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