​​YWCA Ladies Residence​

YWCA is a Ladies Residence that caters for ladies of all ages who are registered with the University of Johannesburg. This Residence caters mostly for undergraduate students.
Our Residence caters for a maximum of 116 students.


•  Pool table
• TV rooms with DStv installed – We have two TV rooms in our Residence, both equipped with separate decoders for our full enjoyment. Never have to worry about missing your favourite programme ... even at Res.
• Laundry rooms – We currently have four washing machines and two dryers.
• Fully furnished kitchens – We have stoves, ovens, a big fridge and two microwaves.
• Study Centre – In order to encourage academic excellence, we have facilities that will help motivate the study progress within the Residence. 
• Bath tubs – We have baths tubs on all floors for those who don’t like using showers.
• Garden – We have a beautiful garden  that also has an area with a washing line.
• Chess board – We have a chess board just outside the study area, and it’s a great place to chill and unwind.
• Vending machine – We have a v​ending machine filled with goodies.
• Wireless connection

We have a study area which can be used 24 hours a day; we have Residence Academic Advisors, who are mentors to First Years; and we have computers for those who do not have laptops; and lastly all House Committee members have an open door policy, so if First Years have any difficulties, they can consult them.
Residence Assistant
Ms Ntombifuthi Nhlapho
Tel:+27 559 5824

Residence House Warden
Mr Mhlobowethu Hoyi
Tel: +27(0)11 559 2788
E-mail mhoyi@uj.ac.za