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Examination Timetable
The examination timetable can be accessed by logging onto to U-link

Assessment Regulations
Please download information regarding the assessment regulations

Sick Exam Application
Please follow this link to submit you sick exams details  

Appeals for academic exclusion
You can access more information regarding appeals for academic exclusion on this page

Concession Applications
In accordance with the Constitution, the UJ Policy on Disability, and supporting education legislation, students with certain permanent and temporary disabilities may apply for reasonable accommodations or concessions. These accommodations are granted to enable candidates with specific disabilities to demonstrate their true ability without changing the construct of the assessment, and should not give the student an advantage over other candidates.

The grounds for applying for concessions are:

A physical/sensory/neurological disability: a disability that seriously impedes a student's ability to read or write at the same speed/level as their peers.

A specific learning disability: a disability that affects one or more of the basic processes involved in the use of written or spoken language in a manner that constitutes a significant impairment of that function.

Students wishing to apply for concessional support must register with Disability Services   and submit their concession application no later than 25 April for the 1st semester or 25 September for the 2nd semester.

Enquiries can be forwarded to the Disability Services professional at