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Allocation of a global result code of F7 (Undergraduate) or 7F (Postgraduate) at the end of the year; or the allocation of a global result code BF (Undergraduate) or DF (Postgraduate) in the middle of the year.


  1. Faculty conditions may apply, for more information please contact your faculty.
  2. The outcomes of appeals will be communicated via SMS and/or email. Please ensure UJ has your latest telephone number and email address.
  3. It is the responsibility of the student to follow up on the outcome of an appeal when the appeals process closes. (It might be possible that the University does not have your correct cell number).
  4. Students who qualify for supplementary, sick or special assessments may go ahead and write them. The committee will make a decision keeping these assessments in mind.
  5. A student is allowed to appeal for a revocation (lifting) of an academic exclusion only once.
  6. The Faculty Appeals Committee will consider the appeals and may refuse or allow re-admission.
  7. An academic exclusion does not lapse after a certain period of time.
  8. Students who want to transfer to another faculty must submit an appeal to that specific faculty.
  9. Students who transfer to another faculty retain their academic record related to their previous registration for any other programme/s.
  10. The decision of the appeals committee is final, which means that no further appeals are permitted.  Note that an appeals committee generally consists of a combination of the following: Head of Department, Programme Coordinator, Faculty/College officer, PsyCaD representative and a SRC member. 
  11. A successful appeal is valid for the continuation of studies in the immediately ensuing semester and not to be deferred to a later period.  In other words, for a successful appeal at the end of the second semester, a student must continue with his/her studies in the first semester of the following year.
  12. When a Faculty Appeals Committee allows re-admission under circumstances where a student had submitted incorrect information and documentation material to an appeal, or had omitted to provide information or documentation material to an appeal, the Faculty Appeals Committee may reverse its decision and the registration of the student may be cancelled.


Supporting documents:

  • If you want to substantiate your appeal with supporting documents, it must be uploaded with the appeal.

Appeals may only be submitted to the relevant College/Faculty between these dates:

14 December 2019 until Wednesday, 18 January 2020

Contact details of Faculties:        

College of Business and
Faculty of Art, Design and
Faculty of Law011 559 2645
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
011 559 2119
Faculty of Science011 559 2471
Faculty of Education 011 559 5101
Faculty of Health Sciences 011 559 6234
Faculty of Humanities011 559 4785 /