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 NB! Change and update of personal details must be completed 3 months ahead of each series of cermonies.

  Graduates who are unable to attend the ceremony may collect the certificate in person within a week of the ceremony at the faculty offices or thereafter at the Certification Office, 3rd Floor, Madibeng Buidling, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus. Download the form here

1. Ceremonies

Graduation Ceremonies for Autumn 2019 will be conducted between 14 March 2019 and 30 April 2019.

  • Individual graduation letters for Autumn 2019 will be published by 14 February 2019.

Graduation Ceremonies for Winter 2019 will be conducted between 13 May 2019 and 31 May 2019.

Graduation Ceremonies for Spring 2019 will be conducted between 16 October 2019 and 31 October 2019.


2. Academic Dress 

*Please take note of the changes to the academic attire from September 2017. The standard stole and hood components of the complete outfit are only available from the official gown suppliers assigned by the University of Johannesburg.

Beware of unscrupulous suppliers who provide graduates with incorrect attire and badly constructed imitations with incorrect design and colour combinations, as you will not be able to exchange components obtained elsewhere with the official suppliers. The correct attire is a strict requirement for graduation. 

Please do accomodate for a hat when styling your hair.

The deposit and the hiring fee are paid at the venue on the day before your ceremony starts – it is thus essential that you arrive timeously to allow for this:


Outfit Hire Hire Refundable Deposit = Total

*Diploma outfit:

Comprises a hat, gown, 

standard stole (bib) and hood



*Bachelor's degrees outfit:

Comprises a hat, gown, 

standard stole (bib) and hood


*Honours degrees outfit:  

Comprises a hat, gown, standard stole and hood


*Master's degrees outfit:  

Comprises a hat, gown, standard stole, master's stole and hood.


*Doctoral degrees outfit:  

Comprises a hat, gown, doctoral stole and hood

R500.00R1 040.00
* Only cap, standard stole (bib) or hood:R170.00R300.00R470.00



Dippenaar & Reinecke will be on campus every day for the duration of the graduations.
For purchasing of gowns and hoods: Phone Dippenaar & Reinecke (012) 343-2945/7.

The gowns will be issued in the UJ Auditorium foyer two hours before the ceremony. The payment of the deposit and hire fee is made at the graduation venue on the day of the ceremony.

You can also purchase a gown directly from Dippenaar and Reinecke. If you already possess a gown, it must be of the same quality and design as those of the above suppliers. Hoods and standard stole: You must hire or buy the applicable hood and standard stole for the qualification that is being awarded from the above supplier.

3. Seating Arrangements

Seating cards for the candidate's will be issued in the D Les foyer infront of the Auditorium on the Auckland Park Kingsway campus.

Tickets for the candidate and guests will be issued via eTicket on SMS and email. Kindly ensure that all contact details are updated with UJ to ensure that you receive your eTicket.

Candidates must take their seats 45 minutes prior to the opening of each ceremony.

No candidates or guests will be allowed into the venue once the doors have closed 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. 

4. Number of guest tickets

Certificates, diplomas, bachelor's, honours and master's degrees: 3 guest tickets (does not include the graduate)

Doctoral degrees: 5 guest tickets (does not include the graduate)

Please do not request additional tickets as the venue is booked to capacity.  

5. Babies and children

You are kindly requested not to bring babies and children under the age of five to the ceremonies. There are no adequate facilities to accomodate them.

6. Photographs and Frames

All photos are for the account of the graduate and must be ordered from and paid for at the the official photographers for UJ.

The official photographers are Gordon Harris Photographic Studio 

Tel [012] 430-3725

They will be available to take photographs on campus. Stage photos are taken regardless of an order being placed or not but will be available to the graduate at any later stage should they like to order and pay for the photos that were taken.

7. Doctoral candidates

All candidates are kindly requested to convene 30 minutes prior to the ceremony at the foyer of the Auditourium on the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus for orientation and official photographs with the faculty.

8. Frequently asked questions

Click for a list of frequently asked questions regarding graduation


9. Dates of Ceremonies

Individual graduation letters for Autumn 2019 will be published by 14 February 2019.

Individual graduation letters for Winter 2019 will be published by 15 April 2019.

Individual graduation letters for Spring 2019 will be published by 15September 2019.


10. Telephone numbers for enquiries 

The following telephone number must please be DIALLED ONLY if the information in this letter is not entirely clear to you. It is NOT necessary to confirm that you will attend the ceremony.

Information Centre: (011) 559-4555