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As is the case in many parts of the world, South Africans are currently experiencing elements of a state of national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is without doubt a defining global crisis of our time and the most significant challenge we have faced in a long time. Higher Education, like many other sectors, is reeling under the impact of the disease, which has caused unprecedented decisions, including the conferral of qualifications in absentia for the autumn and winter set of graduation ceremonies.

Owing to government restrictions on public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, your qualification was awarded in absentia by the departmental virtual graduation ceremony. Only a virtual graduation will be scheduled for CEP graduates.


No physical graduation will take place, but some software, as listed below, is available to students. By making use of this software, it gives the graduates the opportunity to download:

  • e-Certificate (this can only be shared with third parties or employers, no digital download or printable certificate).
  • You can access your e-Certificate via the digital platform (refer to table below) and share your qualification for verification purposes with third parties, such as prospective employers, at no cost to both parties.
  • Academic record (signed by the Registrar). Your official e-Academic record is available (refer to table below).
  • The graduate can take a selfie photos (graduates are fully dressed in the UJ graduation attire).
  • Vice-Chancellor Prof Marwala, graduation video (refer to table below).
  • The College of Business Economics Dean's speech (refer to table below).
  • Personalised letter for CEP graduates of the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management (message of the Head of the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management). Refer to table below.
  • Graduates may view the graduation programme (refer to table below).

Please download the UJ virtual campus application from your cellphone app store: Graduates should take note that they should use their smartphone.

Go to the Application Store, search for UJ Virtual Campus application.

  • Click on Graduation 2020 banner.
  • To take photos of yourself click on take a graduation selfie.
  • To obtain an e-Certificate, choose the digital certificate banner.
  • To obtain an e-Academic record or forward one to a third party, choose the electronic academic record banner.


If you do not have a smartphone, you will be able to access your e-Certificate or e‑Academic Record via the digital certificate platform (refer to table below).

The below pointers for virtual graduates:

  • Virtual graduates with outstanding fees will not be able to view e-Certificates or e‑Academic records, until finances have been settled. (Please email to  for any financial enquiries).
  • Virtual graduates who have outstanding documents, will not be able to view e‑Certificates or e-Academic records, until documents have been submitted to
  • Virtual graduates need a smartphone (need a camera and GPS location option).
  • Any other enquires: Please refer to your programme email address that you were registered for.


  • By law, your diploma must reflect your full name exactly as recorded on your ID document or passport. The onus is on the graduate to ensure the accuracy of information at UJ Biographics so that all official documentation reflects the correct information.
  • Please verify your details that will appear on the diploma via the Student Portal. Only in the event that your name is reflected incorrectly on UJ records, or you have subsequently changed your name (legally), contact the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management, Biographics section at
  • To avoid the costs associated with a reprint due to incorrect detail, potential graduates should ensure that their details are correct before the graduation date.

If, for whatever reason, it transpires that you do not qualify for the conferment of this qualification, the University reserves the right to cancel this invitation.


The Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management will courier the certificates to students, but this will only happen once we as a country have stabilised within these unchartered waters.

The list of CEP graduates can be found in the table below by clicking on the programme you are graduating for. Please be informed that this virtual graduation will not be a one-day session. Graduates will have the opportunity to access these functions in their own time.

The Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management wants to congratulate each and every virtual graduate. UJ is proud of the role that they have played in creating new professionals who will positively shape the future of our nation.

Document type requiredPlatforms to be usedWhat to do
e-Certificate on the bottom of the page and follow instructions. ​
e-Academic record
​List of graduates per programme

Graduates Diploma in Road Transport Management (Freight)

Graduates Diploma in Road Transport Management (Passengers)

Graduates Diploma in Logistics Management

Graduates Diploma in Transportation Management 

​Click on your programme in the previous column to view your name in the list of graduates.

For the personalised letter

First block – fill in your student number and remember to choose 2019 as the year.

Also take note when getting to the second block, your email or cell numbers should be the one on that UJ has on their system.

Graduation Programme

Immediate appearance. ​ ​

Dean Speech-College of Business and Economics


Vice-Chancellor Speech

(​CEP Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020)


Graduates are welcome to download the UJ Virtual campus application. This will give the graduates the options below:

Document type requiredPlatforms to be used
Graduate selfie photos

Download off the UJ app​

Virtual campus tour
Academic record