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The Strategic Initiatives and Administration (SIA) Division established the Postdoctoral Fellows Research Excellence Award in 2018 to recognise high-performing postdoctoral scholars who have demonstrated research excellence and made significant research contributions during their appointment at the University of Johannesburg. The awards are open to postdoctoral scholars in all disciplines.

Call for Nominations: 2021 Postdoctoral Fellows Research Excellence Awards

The Strategic Initiatives and Administration (SIA) Division seeks nominations for the 2021 Postdoctoral Fellows Research Excellence Awards. These awards recognise those postdoctoral researchers who have distinguished themselves through their research outputs and academic citizenship at UJ. The nomination and the selection of postdoctoral fellows are based solely on the written information provided by the Deans (hereafter referred to as “the nominator”). In general, the nominator should elaborate on the achievements of the nominees (currently registered at UJ) through their research activities and/or creative outputs.

A faculty/college is allowed a single nomination per category; selection, therefore, happens within the Faculties/College.

  • Category 1: This category recognises postdoctoral fellows in their first year of registration who have shown exceptional research talents following their doctoral qualification.
  • Category 2: This category recognises continuing postdoctoral fellows who have shown sustained contribution in yearly research, evident through accredited outputs.

The nomination package must include evidence of the following achievements:

  • Number and quality of accredited publications as well as recognised creative and/or innovative outputs;
  • Research and/or mobility grants received;
  • Number of national and international conference/workshop presentations delivered;
  • Prestigious academic awards received during the fellowship period;
  • An endorsement by the Executive Dean/Vice-Dean, as well as Supervisor;
  • Additional elements considered important to the Faculty/College.

Additional eligibility requirements

  • Evidence of research excellence during the postdoctoral tenure period. This evidence may include, but is not limited to, accredited publications such as creative outputs, book chapters, books, journal articles or conference presentations;
  • The nominee must be a full-time registered postdoctoral fellow at UJ at the time of nomination;
  • Previous awardeed are not eligible for a second award;
  • Nominations to be forwarded to Ms Hellen Adogo, at by 31 August 2021. Please note that no late submissions will be accepted.

Individuals may only receive this award once.

Nomination Deadline

The award is usually given out annually and the Strategic Initiatives and Administration (SIA) Division will announce the submission dates as part of the call for nominations. This year’s nomination deadline is the 31st of August 2021.

Click here to download the nomination form

2020 Recipients

College of Business and Economics

Dr Olefhile Mosweu
Dr Oluseye Jegede

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Dr Philippa Hobbs

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Dr Anthony Matheri
Dr Patrick Ehi Imoisili

Faculty of Education

Dr Charity Onyishi
Dr Vera Victor-Aigbodion

Faculty of Humanities

Dr Amanuel Tewolde

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr Anine Crous
Dr Hanieh Montaseri

Faculty of Law

​Dr Linda Mushoriwai
Dr Yolandi Meyer

Faculty of Science

Dr Beric Gilbert
Dr Rahul Shukla

2019 Recipients

College of Business and Economics Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment​Faculty of Health Sciences
​Dr Kenneth OheiDr Samson MasebinuDr Sandra Ayuk

Faculty of Humanities

​Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Law

Dr Legend AsuelimeDr Pankaj MohantyDr Martha Bradley
​Dr Raquel AdekoyeDr Bhawna UpretyDr Esther Njieassam


2018 Recipients

College of Business and Economics Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Faculty of Education
​Dr Boniface OkangaDr Irene BronnerDr Collins Potokri
Dr Angelita Kihatu-KiweketeDr Zvisinei Moyo
​Dr Noel Biseko LwogaDr Johnson Enero Upahi

​Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment​Faculty of Humanities​Faculty of Health Sciences
Dr Babatunde ObadeleDr Femke BrandtDr Sathish Sundar Dhilip Kumar
​Dr Ayodeji OkeDr Lyton Ncube​Dr Naresh Kumar Rajendran
​Dr Rasheedat Mahamood​Dr Olugbemiga Samuel Afolabi​Dr Rahul Chandran


Faculty of LawFaculty of Science
Dr Thompson Chengeta​Dr Lydia Rhyman
Dr Cristiano D’Orsi​Dr Tyler Morgan Bredenkamp