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UJ seeks to achieve its research agenda through a carefully constructed governance structure for research development and support. At the head of this research governance structure is the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research, Postgraduate Studies and the Library. Innovation and Advancement. The current incumbent is Prof Tshilidzi Marwala. Reporting to him is the Executive Director: Research and Postgraduate Studies (Dr Carol Nonkwelo​i), who is also a member of the Executive Leadership Group. The Executive Director is responsible for both strategic planning and operational management of a Research Office and an Intellectual Property Office. These offices provide strategic and operational support to researchers in the faculties, as well as to extra-faculty researchers within the domains of research and innovation/technology transfer respectively. From the combination of the portfolios of Research and Innovation with Advancement it is clear that it is UJ’s strategic intent to advance the reputation and the resource richness of the institution primarily through its research and innovation capacity and prowess.

The Executive Dean of each Faculty is responsible for the management, support and promotion of research in his/her faculty, and of the development of research capacity, in collaboration with the Executive Director: Research and Innovation and under the direction of the DVC (Research, Innovation and Advancement). Each faculty has a Research Committee and an annual research budget. These committees function in accordance with a Research Strategy for the university and a Senate-approved Research Policy. Research policy and research strategy is determined by the University Research Committee (URC), which is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Advancement) and comprises the Executive Director (Research and Innovation), the Executive Dean of each faculty, two researchers from each faculty and three representatives from extra-faculty researchers. Institutional research policy and faculty-specific research policies provide for rules, procedures and incentives for the optimal utilisation of research resources, for external resource generation, for postgraduate bursaries and postdoctoral fellowships and for the development of research capacity. Each individual researcher has an own research “account”, into which a percentage of the subsidy income generated through accredited research output is deposited for personal use by the individual researcher to fund his/her research-related activities.

The Council and the Trust of the University both m​ake annual provision for resources dedicated to the promotion of research at UJ. These so-called “central funds” are disbursed by the University Research Committee. Additional research funding is also sourced from subsidy income generated by accredited research output and from income generated by contract research and by sponsored research. Faculties that generate income by means of the presentation of non-subsidised programmes utilise a percentage of that income for the promotion of research in faculties.

An important component of the University’s research profile is postgraduate research. A Senate Committee, the Higher Degrees Committee (HDC), chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Advancement), determines policy in respect of all research-based postgraduate work and provides final quality assurance, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, in respect of all research-based master’s and doctoral qualifications.

Please see the Research Policy and Strategy​ for more information on the research strategy of the University of Johannesburg.