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Registering as a PDRF @ UJ

Registering as a PDRF

All the required documents must be submitted to the Postgraduate School for registration and these documents could be listed as follows:

  • Signed PDRF Agreement signed by the PDRF, the supervisor, HoD and the Dean (the supervisor has to indicate the start and end dates, as well as the source of funding);
  • Certified copy of the passport and visa permit for non-SA PDRF;
  • Completed admission application form;
  • Certified copy of an ID for SA PDRF;
  •  Medical aid membership certificate for non-SA PDRF;
  •  A research proposal as indicated in paragraph 12.2 of the Agreement
  • PhD certificate;
  • A copy of a CV; and
  • Banking details

The registration may be effected within a week after all the registration documents are submitted to us. The banking details are obtained after registration and the International PDRFs have to ensure that they have all the documents that may be requested by the bank, such as the signed PDRF Agreement, a lease Agreement, proof of registration, passport and a visa permit.

Application for Admission
Postdoctoral Research Fellows Agreement
Application for  Postdoctoral Research Fellows Renewal
Postdoctoral Research Fellows Termination Form
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